Re: Mystery surrounds strange contrails that appeared over Grimsby

From: Gil Williamson

Date: 2013-03-17 12:00:40

Hi Andrew, These trails are similar to patterns I have seen over this town on three occasions in the past ten years. On the one occasion it was a twin engine jet of airliner size, something like a Boeing 737 and the port side engine was pushing out a conventional chemtrail, whilst the starboard engine was pushing out doughnut rings, indicating it was some kind of experimental pulse engine ? I have pics if you want to see them, but unfortunately I was travelling at the time I first saw them, and only used a borrowed camera to get the last of the circular patterns they were prescribing !  But definitely man made, nothing more exotic !   Best Wishes Gil   From: Andrew Johnson Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2013 8:04 AM To: Andrew Johnson Subject: [Cognoscence] Mystery surrounds strange contrails that appeared over Grimsby      Yet another set of circular trails – but not concentric this…   ‘This was UFOs – I saw them’: Mystery surrounds strange contrails that appeared over Grimsby   Friday, March 15, 2013 Grimsby Telegraph MYSTERY surrounds the origin of unusual contrail patterns spotted in the skies over Grimsby yesterday – after both the RAF and US Air Force say they were not caused by their planes. As reported at – where you can view pictures and video footage of the trails being made – the newsroom was flooded with calls about the unusual display. ​ SPACE ODDITY: Did a UFO cause this unusual pattern in the sky over Pasture Street, in Grimsby? Picture: Jon Corken •  • Philip Greenfield, of Waltham, was first off the mark, saying he had been “delighted” to see “heart-shaped” patterns appearing in the skies over Waltham Windmill. But, as quickly as they were formed, the wind dispersed them, leaving more circular shapes to linger overhead.   Mr Greenfield’s call was quickly followed by a call from our picture editor Jon Corken, to tell us he had captured the whole thing on video and later tweeted (@joncorkenphoto) “This was UFOs. I saw them. #area51” Others, including Mr Greenfield, thought the unusual aerial activity may have originated closer to home. Mr Greenfield said he spotted an RAF Eurofighter craft dipping below the clouds – an opinion shared with others commenting on Another reader, havntone posted: “F-15s from Lakenheath flashing Mode S codes AE0740, AE0743, AE070B and 000000” However, calls to confirm this to both the US Airforce’s base Lakenheath and RAF Coningsby from our news team were met with denials. If you have spotted something strange in the skies, grab a snap – or even a video – and send it to pictures@grimsbytele…. If you have seen something strange up there and want to see if it’s one of ours, visit to check out a list of RAF past and present.Read more: Follow us: @thisisgrimsby on Twitter 

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