FW: Orgonite Does really work!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-03-20 18:09:35

This was the response to the Orgone email I sent earlier! From: Paul Sent: 20 March 2013 12:34To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Re: And – does orgonite really work? Hi Andrew, I have bought orgonite from Georg Ritchsl and made several batches myself over the past two years. I did several experiments with plants and found that the presence of orgonite nearby made the plants grow approximately 30-50% larger and faster indoors. I tested house plants and vegetables in the house, and tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in the greenhouse, and all the plants showed signs of improved growth, some more than others, compared to seeds and cuttings from the same stock without orgonite present. I also tried planting orgonite ‘tower busters’ with a potato crop. Some seed potatoes had orgonite next to each of them, others not. Come harvest time you could see some potato plants had grown more vigorously than others in the same row, and without exception the larger plants with more potatoes under them had orgonite present. I tried sleeping near orgonite as I read that it can help with lucid dreaming etc. I found that if I placed a ‘tower buster’ (about the size of a cup cake) on the floor at each corner under my at the base of each bed leg, and two in the middle of the bed midway between each bed leg on the floor, I could not get to sleep because of a deep droning noise in my head. I can only describe the noise as what it might sound like with your head rested on a powerful electric motor. Strangely, as if that’s not strange enough, what seemed like twenty minutes passing while I was trying to get to sleep, was actually four hours skipping by. I repeated this three times, all with the same result, namely a droning noise and time appearing to pass faster (or maybe I did sleep in some fashion). Anyway,  orgonite definitely has some beneficial and also some strange properties in my experience 🙂    I’ve also had some positive health benefits (relief from arthritis pain) but I don’t know whether this was benefit from the orgonite, the huge change in my diet, the Boron (thanks to you) the colloidal silver or the Orgone Zapper from Georg 🙂  Best wishes, Paul.  

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