UK Column Live – Trevor Jackson and the Aluminium Fuel Cell Technolo

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-03-26 16:46:52

Several people have sent me this video:…   Brian Gerrish interviews Trevor Jackson who has developed an Aluminium fuel cell which he intends to use in electric cars, but which has many other applications. A fascinating story of a great idea blocked by vested interests. The “killer” for me came when he said his battery system had a range for 500 miles (and that was in a small car) and then a new battery would be fitted in a drive in bay. Can you imagine that? And the expensive processing that would be associated with it. It is an interesting technology, but not at all revolutionary. It is very much an incremental technology – and has its own problems. I have no idea why the guy was apparently targeted when he was in France. Also odd is why the UK Column or Trevor Jackson is expecting the government to honestly support this sort of development work.

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