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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-04-10 09:58:33

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For example, I could level similar accusations against Uncensored for not showing Monkton a picture of the path of Hurricane Erin, or of cloud anomalies which seem to indicate some kind of effect.     The pictures shown are not referenced and I doubt the satellite photo that is shown is actually a real one (I could be wrong).   As always, caution and discernment is needed in examining these issues! Sorry about the colour scheme!   I will be sending some more information out about this subject very soon…   From: Uncensored Magazine [mailto:jon.boy.ihug=gmail.com@mail24.wdc…] On Behalf Of Uncensored MagazineSent: 10 April 2013 02:14To: =?utf-8?Q??=Subject: Uncensored Post:Uncensored Interview Reveals Lord Monckton Involved In Chemtrails/Geoengineering Cover Up   Is this email not displaying correctly?View it in your browser. Uncensored Interview Reveals Lord Monckton Involved In Chemtrails/Geoengineering Cover Up Posted on April 9, 2013by Clare Swinney Jon Eisen, Editor of Uncensored On April the 7th, Jon Eisen, the editor ofUncensored magazine, interviewed Lord Christopher Monckton on camera.  The film, which is currently being edited, will be released online soon said Eisen, and will show that Monckton is, as many have suspected, playing an active role in the chemtrail/geoengineering cover up. Billions of dollars have been spent to confuse the public about climate science, “man-made global warming,” and conceal the fact that chemtrails are real.   As the CLIMATE OF FREEDOM tour kicks off, many New Zealanders have been wondering about Monckton’s role in this murky “climate change” disinformation campaign lately, as time-after-time he blatantly refuses to acknowledge what a mountain of scientific evidence shows us that chemtrails/geoengineering are real. When the topic of chemtrails has been raised in the past, he has dodged it by saying, amongst other things, that he does not know anything about it or says he doesn’t talk about “conspiracy theories.”  Chemtrails are conspiracy fact, not theory. When Lord Monckton spoke to an audience of about 70 at the Whangarei Library on April the 3rd, he made a point of saying that the drought in New Zealand in 2013 was not due to global warming, or anything else, it was natural.     Of course, he did not say what evidence he based this statement on – the public was just supposed to believe it was natural because he was Lord Monckton.  He was assuming the idea it was a natural phenomenon was the “consensus reality,” and he was there to reinforce it, but he should know better than most, that anything that’s based on a lie is unsustainable over time. Why is it on his list of objectives to keep the public in the dark about the technology that’s been around for decades  to induce and maintain droughts, and cause floods and snow storms?  Could it be that he’s functioning as a gatekeeper to keep people from knowing about the weather modification technology being used globally to create extremes, and exposing the IPCC, Al Gore, Michael Mann, Phil Jones and others as con artists, in order to win the public’s trust? He may be engaging in predictive programming regarding United Nations’ Agenda 21 – telling people that it is going to happen, so they will more readily accept it.  Compare Monckton’s approach to educating his audience about UN Agenda 21 with that of  Rosa Koire’s,  author of ‘Behind The Green Mask: Agenda 21.’  Koire is a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation and an outspoken activist opposed to the UN Agenda 21 and its attempts to attack civilization through so-called “Sustainable Development.”    She informs people of how they can take action at a local level to halt a communistic, totalitarian government being brought in by stealth and her approach is proving successful.  At the end of her talks she emphasizes how serious the threat of UN Agenda 21 is and has been known to say that she is willing to die fighting.  In contrast, Monckton has concluded his CLIMATE FREEDOM talks in New Zealand in April by smiling and advising his audience there is nothing to worry about, the climate scare is over.  But what about UN Agenda 21? Isn’t that still a serious imminent threat? Lord Christopher Monckton Jon Eisen, whose quarterly magazine often includes articles about chemtrails and weather modification technology, had been prepared for this interview with the man with the Cambridge accent and the cowboy hat, with A3-sized posters of the images shown below. Eisen asked him what he thought of the pictures and says he looked aghast and asked: What is this? Eisen says he asked him: “Do you think these are natural?” To which Monckton replied, yes, completely and that his air monitoring system in Scotland had given him no reason to think that anything was being put into the air.  Hang on. What about all the evidence from around the globe that shows heavy metals listed on geoengineering patents are being put into the air?  Monckton says he wants peer-reviewed evidence before he accepts anything as real – and for everyone to go back to sleep? One of the images shown to Lord Monckton by Jon Eisen in A3-poster size. Although he had been treated kindly and with respect, says Eisen, after Monckton had terminated the interview, he rose from his seat, turned on his heels and walked out, without even uttering a polite goodbye. “I believe Lord Monckton’s role is that of controlled opposition and I hope that others confront him with posters of chemtrails or other images related to weather modification technology, as I did, as he tours New Zealand this month, and help shed further light on this issue,” offers Eisen.SOURCE: http://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/uncensored-interview-lord-moncktons-covers-up-chemtrailsgeoengineering/ One of the images shown to Lord Monckton in A3-sized poster. A satellite image showing numerous chemtrails. Shown to Lord Monckton during the intervew. forward to a friend  Copyright © 2013 Uncensored, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you are on the Editor’s personal address list, or if you subscribed at www.uncensored.co.nz. If you no longer wish to receive emails of this nature, please use the unsubscribe feature. Our mailing address is: Uncensored PO Box 44-128 Pt ChevalierAuckland, Auckland 1246 New ZealandAdd us to your address book  unsubscribe from this list

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