FW: Jim Stone: Waco Fertilizer Plant Hit by Missile

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-04-19 15:13:34

A couple of people have sent me this – but I am only forwarding it to point out that, from the video at least, it is just not all that clear.   The video cuts off after the event and one might’ve thought the witnesses would have talked of a missile if they seen or heard it.   There is too much stuff like this circulating now – Sandy Hook, Boston and now this…   But the objective of creating fear, uncertainty and conflict – of all kinds – is the underlying one, in my view. (Yes, Robert – negative energy is being created!!!) From: Kathy Roberts [mailto:khr@sonic.net] Sent: 19 April 2013 11:10To: undisclosed-recipients:Subject: Jim Stone: Waco Fertilizer Plant Hit by Missile For what it’s worth ….jimstonefreelance.co…, THIS WEB SITE WAS TEMPORARILY TAKEN OFFLINE DUE TO THE MISSILE ARTICLE AND MY COMMENTS ABOUT WHAT SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT IT. IT WAS A WARNING SHOT, AND I AM BACK AND EDITED THE ARTICLE DOWN. I WILL SAY THIS, THE MISSILE STRIKE WAS ON MEXICAN TELEVISION AND YOU COULD CLEARLY HEAR THE MISSILE OVER THE TV SET AS WELL, THE TURBINES IN THE JET ENGINE AS IT CAME IN. THIS IS NOT A HOAX, THAT FERTILIZER PLANT EXPLOSION WAS A TOMAHAWK HIT.www.youtube.com/watc… [TEXAS EXPLOSION] – VIDEO New camera angle of Waco – Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion raw footage

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