Sirius Film by Dr Greer – Relevant Article and YouTube Link

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-04-23 23:22:43

Attachments : There has been a lot of hype surrounding this film. Someone has posted it on YouTube…   it will likely disappear quite soon though.    I have not got very excited about the film, because I have watched Dr Steven Greer over the years and have become sceptical of the way he has been doing things, even though he is the reason I got “into this stuff” heavily in 2003. Over 4 years ago, I ended up writing an article, about why I have no confidence in what he has been doing. It’s posted here:   www.checktheevidence…   Today, I was sent a new article by David Shewchuk, which is on Henry Makow’s site. It’s short, and very worthwhile reading.…   Steven Greer & the Promise of Alien Contact April 22, 2013Steven Greer 57, is an ex-ER physician who has amassed a convincing case that aliens have taken an interest in mankind. He is very much like Alex Jones — charismatic, intelligent, egotistical, micro-managing, secretive and overbearing.  Both are archetypical prima donnas, craving star attention and association with the A-list.  Unlike Jones, Greer failed to build on his momentum.  Alien contact and its promise for human transformation has never materialized.  David Shewchuk asks, “Why?”The cover-up regarding alien contact is needed to prevent advanced technology from being publicly available. That technology would transform society and break down the existing economic and political order.  

[Editor’s Note: By posting this article, I do not wish to imply endorsement of alien contact. I reserve judgment.] 

by David Shewchuck 
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