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06 May 2013

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I wanted to post a review of the new Sirius film because of the long “build up” to its release –and the apparent level of attention it has garnered on the internet. It seems to have a substantial and fairly well-organised marketing campaign behind it – such as ads embedded on websites (e.g. as of 28th Apr 2013).

At one time, I may have been more enthusiastic about the release of such a film. In the last few years, I have become sceptical of the way Dr Steven Greer has been “doing things”, even though he is the reason I got "into this stuff" heavily in 2003. Over 4 years ago, I ended up writing an article, about why I have no confidence in what Greer has been doing. A related article has been written by my friend, David Shewchuk, and this was posted  on Henry Makow’s site. It’s fairly short and very worthwhile reading – even though it covers some of the troubling events which have occurred in connection with Greer’s investigation into the UFO evidence (such as the death of New Mexico congressman Steven Schiff). 

Advertising and Marketing

Before discussing the Sirius film’s content, I would just like to note what adverts/postings for the film typically show online. Various embedded panels will show “Watch Sirius instantly for $9.99; Available for a 72-hour rental period; Buy the DVD for only $19.99”. One puzzle to me is that it is said that the film has been “crowd-funded”, yet it is now being sold – so do the crowd funders get a share of the returns? Maybe not – I don’t know how these things are set up. Now, of course films with production values like Sirius are expensive to make – if you choose to make them in the way that Sirius is made. Perhaps I am biased – because I try to give away all the material I compile either for free or at close-to-cost price. Nevertheless, because of the glitzy-packaging of information in today’s CGI-loaded visual media, I can appreciate a requirement for more “attention grabbing production”. One could argue for lengthy periods about the relative merits of “giving away things for free” and/or “making things cheaply” or giving them a “professional, contemporary feel and look.” Higher production quality can attract higher numbers of viewers or hold viewers’ attention for longer, perhaps. Or, if viewers are truly interested in the information, does a more basic and less expensive presentation suffice?

The Beginning of the Film

The setting at the very beginning of the film, a lecture by Steven Greer – and people are entering the building – and being body-scanned by a security person of some kind. Soon after this is shown, the narrator (Thomas Jane) says “Most people don’t know what a dead-man’s trigger is…” – well, googling this phrase reveals some odd definitions – most relating to TV or movies, it seems. However, it seems to be a peculiar way of starting this film. In the first 7 minutes of the film, Ted Loder and Laurance Rockefeller are mentioned. It is not mentioned (not that it necessarily should be) that Loder is Greer’s cousin, but no real evidence of any kind at all is discussed – and it becomes clear that the style of the film is one of “docu-drama” – or something similar to that. The film runs for about 1 hour and 50 minutes (but there are an additional 6 minutes of “credits” at the end, listing those who helped fund the film).

Atacama Humanoid – Evidence

Let us now turn to one of the “items” which is given the most exposure in the film – the so-called “Atacama Humanoid” (“Ata”). As far as I can recall, this only came onto Greer’s “Radar Screen” after the Sirius film was first announced. Stories of this were circulated on alternative talk shows like “Coast to Coast” for some months – yet the “humanoid” itself was discovered in 2003 – again over 10 years ago. Thankfully, the documentation about “Ata” can be found (free) on the “Sirius Disclosure Website” in a Synopsis by Steven Greer, a Report and Summary by Dr. Garry Nolan and a report on Radiographic Imagery (X-rays) of the being by Dr Ralph Lachman. Neither the film nor the documentation give a definitive answer for what “Ata” actually is. The film briefly discusses that tests show that the mitochondrial DNA is more human-like than non-human. Curiously, there is no discussion of any nuclear DNA tests on the being. Readers who have followed Lloyd Pye’s “Starchild” research would probably agree that the Starchild Skull is rather more compelling evidence of a non-human (and non-primate) being (but superficially human in appearance) than what the data from “Ata” has so far shown.

Another analysis of some of the photos by “Paolo V” suggests “Ata” it is indeed a foetus and not a 6-year old child. Paolo V  suggests the lower 2 ribs have not developed and so there are only 10 in total. He points out the lack of developing/developed teeth (which would be seen, in some form, in a 6-year old child).

I have to point out that the “Starchild” skull – and much other evidence outside the “Greerosphere” is not mentioned in any way, shape or form in the Sirius film.

UFO Evidence Discussed or Mentioned

The film jumps around between different areas of evidence – and has a of “flash editing” in many places – switching between one of Greer’s lectures or “retreats” and then segments of witness testimony. Copying directly from my notes, the following topics are touched on – just within the first 18 minutes of the film: Black budgets, Ancient nukes (brief appearances by Michael Cremo and David Wilcock), ET’s/UFOs in paintings etc, Sightings from 1950’s onwards, Wilbert Smith (captioned “Wilbur Smith” in the film), footage from the “Tether” incident (Space Shuttle Mission STS75), bits of testimony from some Disclosure Project witnesses, footage from one or more CSETI expeditions and then the 1992 Gulf Breeze sightings (Florida), which Dr Greer contends was initiated by what his group were doing in attempts to communicate with ET’s at that time.

UFO-related topics that are covered include the Phoenix Lights (1997) with Dr Lynne Kitei and also Fyfe Symington’s “U-turn” about them, some Space Shuttle Footage. MUFON is also mentioned and we get to hear most of Dr Robert Jacobs’ account of his experience as a USAF photographer in 1964, but it’s not as well-presented as in James Fox’s 2003 documentary “Out of the Blue” (which Greer was also involved with). Statements by Carol Rosin and Clifford Stone are also shown.

Free Energy Evidence Discussed or Mentioned

The film covers many different important topics – with perhaps only 1 or 2 minutes devoted to each one. Energy related topics include a mention of John Searle, Thomas Townsend Brown, Dr Eugene Mallove, T Henry Moray and Tom Bearden (but for Tom Bearden, please also see this article). Tom Valone also appears several times to discuss some of his experiences.

9/11 and Secrecy

The events of 9/11 are covered very briefly, and a, somewhat generalised, statement is made that “it is hard to concretely prove 9/11 was a false flag attack”. This is followed by short coverage of Kennedy’s “Secrecy” speech, Cynthia McKinney’s question to Donald Rumsfeld on 10 Sep 2001 about “the missing trillions” and there is mention of SAPS, USAPS and Black Projects. Of course, no kind of link between 9/11 and Black Projects is implied or openly stated – the only possible clue that is given is that these things are covered one after the other in the film… No mention is made of the direct, established connection between the “free energy” issue, cold fusion and 9/11, as shown in the research of Dr Judy Wood in her book “Where Did the Towers Go?”.

Consciousness and Contact

One of the other topics mentioned is the all important one of Consciousness and the analogy of how our consciousness seems to be something like a TV set which we can “tune” to allow us to decode certain signals or frequencies. This is not covered in depth (as with most topics in the film). Also, several segments of Greer’s CSETI retreats – to different locations – are intermingled with other footage. (Some footage has selected faces of people pixelated out). It is mentioned that Greer has been involved with training people to contact ET’s using methods such as Coherent Thought Sequencing and Remote Viewing. (You can sign up for a trip/course at or find more information at I became quite interested in these aspects a few years ago, but did not explore them in depth, nor did I go on one of Greer’s retreats.

Further Additional Notes and Topics Covered

There is the necessary inclusion of Eisenhower’s warning about the Military Industrial Complex from his 1961 leaving address. And then there is mention 24 countries “opening their UFO files” to scrutiny (although the nature of what has been revealed is not really discussed – and most of the documents released simply discuss sightings by military and other personnel)


Having viewed the film, I would contend that in terms of the actual evidence discussed, there is little which is new in this film – indeed, apart from the “humanoid”, I would describe the film as a kind of “video blog” about Dr Greer, punctuated with segments from the Disclosure Project witness testimonies recorded over 10 years ago. The “Ata” evidence is inconclusive, though Dr Greer does not seem keen to admit this – nor does he acknowledge more solid, tested evidence that is readily available.

As mentioned above, there are huge “holes” in the film – such as the absence of any discussion or even a mention of the evidence which proves the links between topics in the film and how the WTC was destroyed.

Also absent in the discussion of “contact” is what is being communicated – and who – or what is on the other side of that communication. Perhaps I am being unfair – it is implied that feelings of peace, love and good will are to be communicated – which is all very good – and fine, though I suppose I am the sort of person looking for more specific concepts or information to be communicated in some ways. And if more specific information cannot be communicated, why isn’t it said that… “There’s a starman waiting in the sky. He’d like to come and meet us – But he thinks he’d blow our minds”?

And, a key question is why is this film called Sirius? No explanation (that I could detect) is made in the film? Is it some encoded reference to the fascinating history of the Dogon Tribe? Sirius is not “a place” I have previously seen associated with any of Greer’s postings or published research.

Also introduced in the film is the “Sirius Technology and Research Initiative” – which sounds very similar to “SEAS Power”, Aero2012 and “The Orion Project”. Indeed, the page above makes the links between the two quite clear – whilst providing little or no information about what previous initiatives have achieved – only information which can be found on other websites. (As already mentioned and linked above, I wrote about this at length in an article called “Something in the Aero”.)

So, overall, Sirius is like a “Greer-centric” version of Foster Gamble’s “Thrive” documentary (which I also made a short posting about) – with less information in it and more of a “UFO/ET” slant. In both films, the most important information and links (re 9/11) are firmly omitted.

Overall, the film may serve a purpose in arousing the interest of certain types of people in the topics that are covered in the film. Beyond that, people will need to look elsewhere for much of the necessary detail and also, more critically, for the information which is left out. I think if they were going to spend money on an online rental of the film, it would be a waste – as you can watch much better documentaries – such as “Out of the Blue for free, or get new or second-hand DVD’s from places like Amazon.

What is more worrying to me is that Greer is yet again asking people to contribute money to his “Sirius” initiative, as he did with Seaspower, Aero2012 and the Orion Project, yet he has apparently no new information and no new “plan”. (When this question was asked of Greer in an interview with him at the time of the Citizen’s Disclosure Hearings, he became somewhat uncomfortable talking about it – claiming that peoples’ lives had been threatened in the Orion Project. So how will the same thing not happen in this latest initiative – and what did the $3 million Orion Project achieve?)

I hope that this article has served to supply some thoughts and information which are not generally available and it will encourage readers to think and research carefully – so that we can achieve the sorts of things that are talked about in films like “Sirius” and “Thrive”. It has become clear to me that unless the figures featured in these films (and the researchers and producers who make them) fully acknowledge the obstacles in our way – as I have written about elsewhere on this website – then significant and rapid positive change is far less likely – because the same mistakes will be repeated endlessly, as they seem to have been in Steven Greer’s case since at least 2001.

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