Re: My Attempt at a Critical Review of the “Sirius” Film

From: rawtruth

Date: 2013-05-07 15:38:10

Thank you for that most astute review, Andrew.I was wondering if there were any parts of the film at all that were worth my time to watch; now I know, absolutely NONE!Which is as I suspected, since I also never bothered to watch “Thrive” after learning a bit about it.In your entire review, I would only disagree with one word, which is “mistakes” in your last sentence. Steven Greer has been at this “game” for quite a number of years, going back at least to ’97 or ’98, and he is no dummy, having become a licensed emergency room physician in his previous, more legitimate career. He therefore is quite bright enough to know exactly what he is doing with his various schemes to lead people AWAY from Truth and New Energy technology and a brighter future for the planet by defusing critical thinking and discernment and promoting belief and submission to an ET savior scenario. BTW I have downloaded your new video “The Taboo of Disclosure” and look forward very much to watching it!Thanks for all the great work you are doing down in the rabbit holes! “Whenever you are offered a [savior], please remember this is for [willing slaves only].”–Clif High — In, “Andrew Johnson” wrote:>> Please feel free to share/repost…> >> > w&id=374&Itemid=51> &task=view&id=374&Itemid=51> > > Getting Serious about “Sirius”> > > 06 May 2013> > Andrew Johnson > > I wanted to post a review of the new Sirius> film …>> …It has become clear to me that unless the figures featured in these films> (and the researchers and producers who make them) fully acknowledge the> obstacles in our way – as I have written about elsewhere on this website -> then significant and rapid positive change is far less likely – because the> same mistakes will be repeated endlessly, as they seem to have been in> Steven Greer’s case since at least 2001.>

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