European Parliament – Geoengineering Related Petition

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-05-27 11:11:37

As you may remember, I went over to Brussels in April to speak for 5 minutes at a conference organised by an MEP and other supporters (details here). As a follow up to that, Josefina Fraile Martin has set up a formal petition to the European Parliament. Now, I realise how these things work and I don’t think Josefina herself is under any illusions about that either. However, this does seem to be a serious and well-considered effort to do something.   You can sign the petition in several ways   1) Online “in full”, using a passport or ID number – and you can even write your signature graphically using your mouse! 2) Print out a form, fill in this information in pen, scan it and send it back by e-mail or post.   The 1st 2 methods are more legally effective than the third method   3) Simple online submission of your email address showing you support the petition.   This is explained in several languages here:….   Full online petition…   I signed the online form. Please consider sending this to any contacts who may be interested.

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