FW:Brussels Conference and More info on Overcast Film

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-06-09 15:57:59

I am forwarding the original message I received from Josefina From: Josefina Fraile Martín [mailto:skyguards.net@gmail….] Sent: 04 June 2013 21:26To: Josefina FraileSubject: links to the Conference files sent by Mrs. Zdanoka and Mrs. Lubova Hello to all, Here I send you the links where you can download photos, recordings, and film with english subtitles .  www.my-cocoon.be/sky…www.my-cocoon.be/sky…www.my-cocoon.be/sky…    I take advantage of this message to remind you to move the petition for signatures.  (See www.skyguards-net.or…  )   I also want to appeal to you in order to help financing the film Overcast of the Swiss filmmaker Mathias Hancke who has worked for over 4 years on an investigative documentary about the phenomenon of man-made clouds by jet trails and the relating issue of chemtrails. The film’s purpose is to get a clear scientific proof if we are really being sprayed or not. To finish the film they are in urgent need of financial support. Therefore they have started a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com/projec…   Mathias will put at our disposal the analysis they will make of the air samples. So this is very important for us to support this project. I have asked them an account number for those of us that don’t have credit cards, etc. So here it is.   With warmest regards and best wishes.   Josefina    DEDAL FILMS production de films Postal account IBAN: CH0709000000125297927 BIC: POFICHBEXXX  Warmest regards. Josefina

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