Reynolds Reveal – Last 3 Episodes – Veronica Chapman, Eric Larsen an

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-06-27 11:13:00

Just for interest – Dr Judy Wood’s interview is not posted yet – as it aired on Tuesday, so it will likely appear in a day or 2.   Some audio problems in these interviews though.   guerillamedianetwork…   Listen to the live show here every Tuesday @ 6pm-8pm EST / 3pm-5pm PST    Reynolds Reveal Episode #018 – Reynolds interviewed special guest Eric Larsen, emeritus professor of English at City University of New York (CUNY), John Jay College of Criminal Justice, author of two novels, three non-fiction books and countless articles plus he is founder and publisher of The Oliver Arts & Open Press.  He wrote the foreword to ‘Where Did The Towers Go?’ by Dr. Judy Wood.  Eric is an eloquent and elegant writer, with passionate and deep insight into 9/11, the 9/11 cover-up and its dire consequences for the mind and soul of America, as well as the uniform evil of the twisted propaganda put out by the ‘left gatekeeper’ writers and editors.  The interview touched on matters like the psychopathy of our rulers, the real author of ‘Shakespeare’s’ works (Earl of Oxford), political correctness and corruption in our universities, the exposure of state secrets by Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, and the decline if not total disappearance of serious American writing because of lying everywhere.  See some of his work at www.oliveropenpress…. and… .     7 Reynolds Reveal #17—Special Guest Veronica Chapman.  Reynolds discussed the firestorm created by Edward Snowden, the fired Booz Allen/CIA/NSA whistleblower and the top criminals’ reaction to these (undenied/confirmed) revelations from the executive branch.  Snowden established virtually universal spying by the government in direct contravention to the fourth amendment’s prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure.  Special guest Veronica Chapman, a retired software engineer from the U.K., discussed her intellectual journey on 9/11 and portions of her 2010 book, ‘Freedom Is More Than Just a Seven-Letter Word,’ especially the difference between common law (common-sense, right, just, honourable, fair, consensus, bottom-up, custom and tradition, case-driven, precedent-guided, judge-discovered law) versus unlawful legalese largely originating in legislation/statute/special interest-driven impositions and outrages, including voluminous regulations from the state exterminating freedom.  Her book and other of her provocative writings are available at

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