Re: July 2013 National Scouts Jubilee – Possible False-Flag?

From: Hilary Kitching

Date: 2013-06-29 22:24:27

Hi BenYep, and 156 comments on his website so far :  nevadagovernor2014.c… got to hand it to this chap for speaking out, even if nothing comes off, which I hope it doesn’t.     from: benthejrporter To: Cognoscence@yahoogro… Sent: Saturday, 29 June 2013, 19:51 Subject: [Cognoscence] Re: July 2013 National Scouts Jubilee – Possible False-Flag?   Yeah, he’s got a point. Looks dodgy. The thought of it is terrible. It would be almost all kids! The location is very remote; just checked it out on the map. And he’s right about Bechtel. As soon as he mentioned their name alarm bells rang! I’ve heard of them before. I’d rather put my own child in the protection of King Herod! — In, “realiseyourefree” wrote: > > > Dear All > > Without immersing into the associated ‘fear’ complex often seen amongst > the conspiracy world I would like to draw attention to these quite > plausible details outlined in this 20 minute video I came across from > the Terror on the Tube website: > > Warning of Next U.S Fabricated Terror Event > error-event/#comments> > > or watch it here on YouTube . > > Thanks again. > > RealiseYoureFree >

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