From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-07-07 19:52:23

The language on this page is a little “exclamational” – but I thought this was well observed:   www.tomatobubble.com… Exactly as was the case with Assange, Snowden becomes a “fugitive”. No explanation is given as to how he managed to escape, or how a fugitive was able to get on a plane. Snowden flees to CIA-infested Hong Kong where his “cause” is supported by a bizarre instant flash-mob equipped with professionally made bi-lingual banners and picket signs!Thanks to Pat Ratigan for fwd’ing this. From: hera@nemesisawake.co… [mailto:hera@nemesisawake.co…] Sent: 07 July 2013 19:05To: HERASubject: [FWD: WIKILEAKS & SNOWDEN SCAMS]     ——– Original Message ——–Subject: WIKILEAKS & SNOWDEN

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