Re: Announcing “PiSkyTracker” – Aircraft Tracking Kit for £60 or so

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2013-07-26 11:27:06

The PiSkyTracker looks to be ideal for the cost and considering that it can provide aircraft;  altitude, heading, speed(not sure if this is G/S or TAS) latitudinal & longitudinal gird references, flight number and unique identifying code is very impressive.  I say this because it is not legal(since 1942) to actually broadcast and listen air traffic control frequencies in the U.K. Quoting LiveATC FAQ on U.K ATC Feeds  ” Why don’t you have any feeds from the UK?       It is illegal to provide air traffic control feeds from within the UK due to an outdated law that originated back in 1942. The antiquated    law states that although it is not illegal to sell, buy or own a scanning receiver in the UK, it must only be used to listen to transmissions meant to be broadcast to the general public. OfCom (the U.K. regulatory authority for communications) has stated on numerous occasions: ‘It is an offence to listen to any other radio services unless you are authorised by a designated person to do so.’ This means that it is illegal to listen to anything other than general reception transmissions unless you are either a licensed user of the frequencies in question or have been specifically authorized to do so by an authorized person. This is clearly a law that needs to be updated in light of the many educational uses for listening to aircraft communications. Furthermore, the original reasons for this law have long since become irrelevant. Let’s hope this law gets modified – there has been at least one online petition aimed at attempting to get some attention but it does not seem to have had much of an effect on Ofcom. If you are a UK citizen, please contact your MP and see if they can help make an exception to this law.” So in view of the above the PiSky Tracker would be ok as long we’re not listening into U.K ATC band frequencies to receive A/D/S (Altitude, Direction, Speed) etc and then broadcasting it. Not trying to put the damper on it, just got to keep it legal I guess. I may even purchase one myself in the near future. Thanks for this Andrew. — In, “Andrew Johnson” wrote: >> > Announcing “PiSkyTracker”> > > > > This is to announce the availability of a “kit” to enable people to track> and log aircraft flying over their location using a fairly cheap combination> of electronics.> > > > To make effective use of the kit, you will need a PC or Mac for initial set> up and an internet connection to make best use of the main features.> Following initial set-up, the kit can run autonomously using only a little> electricity.> > > > The purpose of this project is to generate statistics about plane movements> – the more trackers we have, the better the picture we will get of what may> or may not be happening on certain days.> > > > Please read more in this PDF file – contact me if you can’t read it or want> further information.> > > >>

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