Re: FW: The making of gold – in 1948

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2013-08-07 21:46:43

Imagine what it would do to the price. Some Diamond fields are never mined; they’re just fenced off because the industry doesn’t want to glut the market and crash the price. Read Sidney Sheldon’s book “Master of the Game”. It’s about a man who makes a fortune by breaking into one of these compounds and stealing the abundant diamonds:… — In Cognoscence@yahoogro…, “Andrew Johnson” wrote: > > This is quite interesting – what have they got in the black world…? > > _____ > > From: Daniel Sent: 01 August 2013 18:06 > To: ad.johnson@… > Subject: The making of gold – in 1948 > > > Andrew, > > Tim mentioned to me the other day if gold could be artificially made like > diamonds. I said do a search on it. He did and found this old article. Take > a look. Just a thought – have you ever wonder if, in some secret underground > place, they have a machine, powered by free energy, slowly and methodically > cranking out the stuff? > > Interestingly only one scientist was mentioned in the article and it was > Prof. Emilio G. Segre – who has an amazing history and background. See the > link. > > Dan > > U.S. Alchemists make gold – 1948 > > > > Prof. Emilio G. Segre > > >

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