Comments received on the DM Article on Telekinesis and Suicides

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-08-08 21:51:29

A few folks wrote back and so here are the comments…   While I’ll ponder on this a bit more, firstly we have to accept that these people committed suicide and weren’t “suicided”……might they have stumbled upon corruption possibly?….possibly developing a technology that might place another regional power at a disadvantage and which has to be neutralized or stopped altogether?… The promotion of the possible use of telekinesis (which I do believe in…) is an excellent way by which the DM can  trivialize away any stronger and factual ulterior motives, and water down the story’s real significance. I do get a strong whiff of “suiciding” with this….single bullet wounds and falling off balconies are pretty routine for that…look at poor Forrestal in the U.S….at Bethesda Naval Hospital…a place just crawling with spooks. The bell that rang in my mind when I read this article was the connection between GEC Marconi suicides and television mysterious deaths as highlighted here   If you haven’t read this before, I think you might get something from it. The author makes some interesting links. Could have some relevance, especially the low frequency stuff mentioned by the Sky engineer? There are weapons out there Andrew as you well know that we are totally unaware of. I still wonder about the 70 odd young people who have all committed suicide in Wales, and this has been going on in one town for a few years… I have often thought it could be some sort of instrument that could be used to tell these youngsters  to kill  themselves, I also believe a  town in Scotland had a large amount of youngsters also killing themselves, you never see it in the press now, but in the early days they put it down to copy cat suicides, well who would really believe that??? (quite a few morons I guess) It reminds me of what happened at Marconi a few years back, something I first read of at the time in Flying Saucer Review…   At the company I work for, we supply ceramic housewares to most of the big retailers, we are visited by a market trader who buys our discontinued ranges. I always have a chat with him and he told me he left his job at Marconi in the late 80s to become a trader. I asked if he was there during the scientist deaths and he said he was. He also said that apart from the deaths there were scores of heart attacks, many of them young and healthy at the time. I’m sure this was something that was never mentioned in the news This reminds me of something similar that went of at Montauk, which involved doing things with the mind, they would have a psychic sit in a chair (this was claimed to be alien in origin) and he would create a worm hole for time travel or make something come into being with the power of thought. This was a spin of project from project Rainbow which involved Al Beilek, Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron.  

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