Re: Solar and Asteroids Threats etc

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2013-08-15 11:00:45

Oddly enough, the database where I get most of my material for the space weather reports for my radio shows, stopped posting information of any object closer than 5 lunar distances, about 1.1 million miles. There have been a few exceptions, there’s one up at the moment that passed 0.5 LD away on the 9th. But I think their policy changed after Chelyabinsk. — In Cognoscence@yahoogro…, “Andrew Johnson” wrote: > > I think I have realised the reason why the asteroid threat has been > “refreshed” in the last week or 2 – we are now just in time for the annual > Perseid Meteor Shower, which peaks around 12/13 August every year. > > > -meteor-shower > > Apparently, there may be a good show this year, if you have clear skies > where you are! (See spaceweather update below). > > Someone sent me a link to this 3 minute video – very “rapid fire” astronomy > news – including Perseid notes. > > > > _____ > > PERSEID METEOR SHOWER: The Perseid meteor shower is intensifying as Earth > moves deeper into the debris stream of parent comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. > International observers are reporting as many as 30 Perseids per hour from > dark sky sites, a rate which could triple on August 12-13 when the shower > peaks. Check for updates > and observing tips. > > GOT CLOUDS? You can listen to the Perseid meteor shower on Space Weather > Radio, which is monitoring signals from the USAF Space Surveillance Radar. > Every Perseid that flies over the radar makes an audible ping. Hear the > echoes at > > SOLAR FLARE ALERTS: Would you like a call when solar flares are underway? > X-flare alerts are available from > (text) and > (voice). > > > _____ >

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