News from Richard D Hall / Rich Planet

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-08-16 22:20:53

Copied from Richard’s Website………     This weeks show is a mixture of sadness and celebration it being the last show to be broadcast on Showcase TV. Many subjects are covered including animal mutilation, UFO’s and Wilson & Blackett, and a look back at some of the guests who have appeared on the show. Several recent animal mutilations have been reported to Richplanet, but the mainstream medias coverage of these cases has been as woeful as ever, misleading the public with the claim of “Satanists!” – run for cover, Satanists my colon. In part 2 Wilson & Blackett, the Forensic Historians announce two new books to be published in the near future. The first is written in novel format and covers the sculduggerous activities of “the secret state” who have been working to try and wipe out Wilson & Blackett’s research for decades. The second book “The Invisible Kingdom of Britain” is the latest history by Alan Wilson.

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