Notes for the Upcoming 9/11 Anniversary

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-09-08 11:17:10

As we approach the 12th anniversary and some funds seem to have been pumped into the Ad campaigns revolving around “The 3rd Tower” (see, I thought I would send some links to articles I’ve written where I have documented the ongoing Psy-Ops to cover up knowledge weaponised free energy technology. If you want to “re-know” 9/11 then read Dr Judy Wood’s book – or watch and digest the information on this page:   I have plenty of leaflets and DVDs here if people want any – weather permitting, I will hopefully be doing a bit of leafleting on Weds this week.     www.checktheevidence… … &Itemid=60 911 Evidence and Theory – Is Andrew Johnson A ‘Truth Fascist’? Red Ice Radio joins the 911 Disinformation Promotion Brigade Tony Rooke and the BBC TV Licence Fee “Debating” the Truth about 9/11 With Ronald Wieck Some Thoughts On The “9/11 Crash Test” Website 11 Years After 9-11, UK Group “Re-Investigate 9-11” Won’t Talk About What Happened Some “Psychotic-Type” Remarks About the Vancouver Hearings The Vancouver 911 “Hearings” – Encouraging Conjecture, Discouraging Certainty, Obscuring Known Truth 9 or 11 “Clues” about Simon Shack and a 3D-Analysis of Flight 175 Jeff Prager Nukes 911 Research AE911 – Another Supporter’s Profile Edited (in Relation to Dr Judy Wood’s research) “Alien Scientist” and His “Alien Science” YouTube Copyright – The Flip Side of the Coin 911 Truth Deafness in the Toronto Hearings Who’s said what about 9/11?   www.checktheevidence… … &Itemid=60   Free eBook -all formats – documenting about 4 years of the cover up/muddle up of Dr Judy Wood’s research:   Download/watch/read all the material on the above page – then you will have a good “handle” on what is going on.    

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