1994 BBC Horizon documentary on Cold Fusion

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-10-19 12:58:09

I just stumbled across this BBC Horizon documentary from 1994 – about Cold Fusion – it has some interesting sections in it and is worth watching. Low quality video and sound sync problem.   www.youtube.com/watc…   Features Stanley Pons, Martin Fleischmann, Eugene Mallove and Michael McKubre. It even shows how MIT fudged their Cold Fusion experimental data, to which the guy says “well, we do that all the time” (of course, he doesn’t really say that… but his response is interesting).   Watching it now I see what a master stroke it was to call it Cold Fusion – when what is primarily talked about by the researchers who got results is a “nuclear process” the debunkers say “it’s not fusion therefore you’re all idiots”. Steven E Jones coined the term “cold fusion”. (That’s covered in the article I posted about Sterling D Allan – speaking of whom, he’s posted a video of his presentation from just last weekend at GlobalBEM Conference – I did think he was meant to be talking about Free Energy – he seemed to lose his way, however… www.youtube.com/watc…. Check out the title!!)    

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