UK Comedian/Actor Russell Brand on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-10-26 23:26:06… Watch first then read my thoughts below, if you wish. I watched this and it is indeed rather strange… Maybe it’s just Brand’s mannerisms, but he keeps looking to his left, as if he is being given lines by someone (I know he isn’t). It almost seems like a set-up with Paxman. I am not sure what the background to this interview is – other than that brand is editing this magazine (why does that warrant an interview). I doubt this interview was live, which means the BBC had reason to let it go out…. Brand does mention the idea of a “central administration” for taxation etc – some might think he was talking about a “world government”… Brand also fails to address the central problem – secret undisclosed undemocratic networks “doing a lot of stuff” and suppressing technology – in order to keep the status quo but increasing polarisation between rich and poor and the highly and poorly educated). Brand is quite funny and feisty, but fails to give enough specific examples of what he wants to change and how (OK, he mentions the bankers bonuses, I guess – but a lot of people know about that already). It’s basically a “limited hangout” by Brand if you ask me. Here are some facts about Brand which bear consideration: 1) He’s a self-admitted former drug addict and his quotes are pretty wild stuff (not necessarily a bad thing – but is it the normal “Paxman territory”?)… 2) Brand was married to Katy Perry, who came out with this bizarre single… Lyrics here:… 3) Brand quit the BBC (Jonathan Ross also either left or was axed) over a rather over-blown incident where they left lewd messages on the answerphone of another celeb called Andrew Sachs… 4) Brand had David Icke on his popular radio show in 2007 for about 12 minutes –… So… has BBC Newsnight turned “alternative” all of a sudden and given Brand a plaform, just because he is editing a new magazine? Maybe Brand is just being himself and the BBC want to just show him as he is. However, what 2 things – that Brand has openly spoken of his involvement with – often appear to be used in a number mind control techniques and methods….?

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