Re: “EXPOSED Internet Radio Host Pete Santilli Revealed as FBI Agent

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-10-30 23:00:46

2 or 3 people have sent me the posting about “Pete Santilli being an FBI Informant”. Here we go with another round of sorting out truth from trash…   Over the last few weeks, Santilli has come under heavy attack , so I have included some thoughts and information below, for people to consider.   Someone called Susan Posel has teamed up with Vinnie Eastwood and posted this video:…   Posel used to be on Santilli’s early podcasts/shows and was a “thermite sniffer” in relation to 9/11 – she later attacked the research of Judy Wood and trashed Santilli for supporting it. Posel also trashed Susannah Cole – Pete Santilli’s co-host and I think she acts as a producer..   Santilli is quite “aggressive” in his stance, but if he really was not an FBI informant then FBI would be getting good information! Why on earth would he do a show like this?…   or this?… (more here……)   (Duff admits Dr Judy Wood is correct yet he still posts Fetzer’s rubbish on Vets today)   Oops looks like it’s Posel’s brother that could be the FBI informant:   webcache.googleuserc……   We grew suspicious of Posel when she could not handle the truth about Dr Wood’s research and started misquoting it and then she started making stuff up.   Santilli has supported the presentation of this evidence and challenged those who like Fetzer who characterise the evidence as “a theory” etc. I am not always happy with the way he’s done that, but that’s his choice.   Eastwood got upset with Santilli initially over the use of the “Guerrilla Media” name I think. Last year Vinnie Eastwood invited Dr Wood to speak on his show – but only a day in advance. Eastwood got the date wrong and when Dr Wood contacted him to start the interview, Eastwood said “it was yesterday”. He then claimed Dr Wood was “too stressed out” to get the date correct – and Eastwood continued to say this even when the messages were sent back to him with the dates in them that he had agreed to. i.e. Eastwood did not apologise for his mistake, nor did he try to re-arrange for a later date – instead, he continued to give a false picture of what happened – to cast Dr Wood in a bad light. Therefore, he didn’t seem to care about the details of Dr Wood’s research.   Santilli is easy to attack because of the bad language etc that he uses and he makes a lot of noise. He was recently accused of stealing $500,000 – which was not true either. This seems to be a fairly good write up.…   As I said, I am certainly not happy about the way Santilli does some things, but the amount to which stuff is being made up about probably means he’s a good guy underneath all the shouting etc From: Steven Littley [mailto:stevenlittley@yahoo….] Sent: 30 October 2013 20:50To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: “EXPOSED Internet Radio Host Pete Santilli Revealed as FBI Agent”… This one document and video has proved either:  1) Pete Santilli really is an FBI agent 2) Someone with an internet connection and access to Google and has faked some documents.  In other words this it proves absolutely nothing…    I could be wrong but I think this radio presenter promotes A&E for 911 Truth. Hope you’re well, Steven

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