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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-11-10 08:52:52

Attachments : A NASA Spaceweather Update has just noted that Comet Ison is now visible (see below). I have been asked by Omar Fowler to talk about Comet Ison at his Derby PRA Group on Tues 26th Nov (this is very local to me) – so I am doing some research on it. Some think Ison will be very bright – some thought it was set to crash into the earth (seems like that is said of almost every comet that comes around now). I will also be talking about the recurring themes predicitions of catastrophes etc.   The traditional explanation for comets – in most text books and websites – is that comets are “dirty snowballs” – a mixture of dust and ice – hardly solid even – you can see a typical explanation used in shcools here:…   However, it has become clear in the last 20 years or so that this “dirty snowball” model is wrong – as another recent update from NASA – about asteroids seems also to indicate:…   Despite this, evidence is ignored in favour of coming up with theoretical scenarios – and classic scientific statements about the data returned from probes that have visited and even crashed into comets such as: “”We know the ice is there,” he said. “It’s just well-hidden.” (Dr. Laurence Soderblom of the U.S. Geological Survey)…   One of the key factors that remains largely unspoken of in mainstream astronomy is the role of electricity – this is covered in depth in this excellent 1.5 hour video…   (which is a little repetitve and I think needs editing a bit, but is still higly informative). Most of what’s in the video seems to be summarised here:   www.bibliotecapleyad… of essentialy what is here: www.thunderbolts.inf…)     So here is the Ison update….…   COMET ISON NOW A BINOCULAR OBJECT: Comet ISON is brightening as it approaches the sun. Multiple observers now report that it is a binocular object. “I finally saw Comet ISON for the first time using small binoculars!” says pilot Brian Whittaker. He was flying 38,000 feet over the Mediterranean Sea on Nov. 8th when he took this picture showing where to look:

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