BBC Horizon Programme on Comet ISON – comments.

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-11-28 12:06:46

Someone mentioned this programme to me…   and so I watched most of it last night. It was pretty much as I expected. They were happy to spend time talking about theories, and filming a professor riding his bike along – and also they put in the obligatory CGI graphics (not once with a caption saying “simulation”) – but they missed out all of the evidence proving that comets are not made of water/ice primarily (as proved by the Stardust mission alone – which they mentioned – but only to say “the water was not deteced because it vaporised when it hit the aerogel”).   I also spotted 2/3 outright mistakes by those speaking – Dr Melissa Morris stated that each molecule of Heavy Water (Deuterium Oxide) has “an extra proton” compared to molecules of ordinary water. This is incorrect. It has an extra neutron.   Less serious was 2 of the astronomers calling it “Haley’s comet” rather than “Halley’s comet” (since when have word’s with the “all” sound been pronounce “al”?)   The whole documentary was constructed, apparently, to promote 2 things:   1) Comets are “dirty snowballs” – despite the evidence gathered which now proves this is not true 2) Study of Comets will prove the current theories about the origin of the solar system and the planets in it are basically correct.   The available data also prove that the current theories about planetary origins are woefully incomplete or just plain wrong. However, this doesn’t stop scientists bamboozling people with nonsense (and lies) when their funding is at stake. Here’s a that good quote from a NASA scientist (which I sent before) talking about Comet Borrelly which has a HOT DRY SURFACE!…     “We know the ice is there,” he said. “It’s just well-hidden. Either the surface has been dried out by solar heating and maturation or perhaps the very dark soot-like material that covers Borrelly’s surface masks any trace of surface ice.”   Translation: “We ignore evidence which proves our theory is wrong”   They didn’t find signficant ice when they burrowed into the surface of comet Tempel 1 in 2005 either!  And these are supposed to be scientists, not politicians!   So, keep an eye out for ISON in the skies and enjoy the spectacle, but don’t believe mainstream reports about “dirty snowballs” – that’s just a cover so they don’t have to tackle what’s really happened in our solar system (i.e. a probable exploded planet –… – or some other type of planetary interaction as suggested by those running www.thunderbolts.inf… )   I hope to post my presentation about the these topics (and related topics) online in the next few days, so will send round a link when I have finished doing it.

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