Volunteers Wanted to Help With Going Through Some PiTracker Data

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-11-29 15:06:06

I have now been getting data from up to 6 trackers around the country and wondering if anyone has some time to help me go through the data and help generate some figures.   It may be that this is a futile exercise, but the whole point of the tracker “project” is to try and make some kind of measurements.   In summary what I need is:   1) Someone who can enter figures into spreadsheet files and save the files 2) Review Timelapse videos 3) Upload and download files using FTP (I can provide instructions for this part to explain it more)   I am looking for about 3 or 4 volunteers – reviewing the data will perhaps take 5 or 6 hours at a guess – perhaps less. If you are williing to help, please make sure you feel comfortable using spreadsheets and something like VLC player and switching between windows and stuff – if you’re not confident with this, don’t volunteer. Also, if you have Microsoft Excel on your computer, that will make things slightly easier, although Open Office or one of the variants will work as well. Again, if your not confident with these things, no need to volunteer.   If you are interested, please reply and I will then make a short video to explain the exact process I would like help with.   Thanks!   Andrew              

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