Don Philips – Disclosure Testimony (50 mins) Video

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-12-05 11:24:26

Edgar Fouche has recently made this posting on a forum:…   www.theoutpostforum….   The interview with Don Phillips is very interesting.   I swear to God I met this guy somewhere in the past, thinking Edwards AFB, Nellis AFB, or Groom AB.I arrived at Edwards AFB in 1973, Nellis in 1976, and worked at Groom in 77 to 79 off and on.   He talks about Kelly Johnson, who was a friend, and very few people knew that Kelly’s first name was Clarence.   Clarence drove a very expensive antique red sports car who only his friends could now know. I first met Clarence at Edwards AFB.   I totally believe this guy. Wish I knew how to contact him.   Everything he says rings true to what I know and have experienced. Not ever discloser on the ‘Disclosure Project’ tells the truth. Like Dan Salter lied for example.But this guy I endorse. Ed     Philips talks about “mental control” of craft – which is of course something Wilbert Smith spoke of in the 1950’s:   www.outofthebluethem…   Greer has posted quite a few of the witness disclosures he recorded about 13-14 years ago – and seems to be using them to market his “Sirius” website etc

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