Lloyd Pye – Prognosis not good right now

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-12-05 12:38:20

From facebook – Susan is Lloyd’s sister, who has been posting on his behalf.   www.facebook.com/pag… LloydPye 19 hours ago This is Susan. I am writing this entry for Lloyd. The following is his exact wording.”Tumor rebound has been astounding. accelerating every day. It is no longer IF but WHEN. So, we all have to face the grim reality that I am leaving all of our lives. I thank you so much for the help you’ve given me to help the STARCHILD PROJECT get funded. Please continue.I intend to spend my final days here in Destin with family and friends nearby.I want to stress that I am still a firm believer in the alternative therapy effectiveness. I did not respect the rebound growth of the tumor. This is my fault, plain and simple for making bad decisions at critical moments.Susan will keep you updated better than I can at this time.”

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