FW: Apollo Moon Landing Investigator’s Youtube Channel Terminated

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-12-18 21:57:17

#ygrps-yiv-1428463069 .ygrps-yiv-1428463069hmmessage P { PADDING-BOTTOM:0px;PADDING-TOP:0px;PADDING-LEFT:0px;MARGIN:0px;PADDING-RIGHT:0px;} #ygrps-yiv-1428463069 .ygrps-yiv-1428463069hmmessage { FONT-SIZE:12pt;FONT-FAMILY:Calibri;}   From: awe aarde [mailto:awe_a@hotmail.com] Sent: 18 December 2013 20:23Subject: JW Studios, Apollo Moon Landing Investigator, Youtube Channel Terminated 18 Dec 2013, JW Studios suspended after complaints,
Just a few moments ago the channel from one of the most influential moon lander investigators on youtube Jarrah White was suspended. www.youtube.com/user…
YouTube account Jarrah White has been terminated because we have received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants, including:yesiamawizardjonny
This is not the first time this has happened and there are indications that this is much bigger than one may at first expect. After the Chinese showed the first images from the moon, many moon landing investigators have experienced attacks on websites and harassment. We ask everyone to protect our right of free speech and to stand up against this tyranny. The number of people that doubt the official moon landing story is growing world wide. This is an attempt to silence the people who have questioned NASA and the moon landings.We have the permission from JW Studios to play this video. www.awe130.info/inde… Chinese images from the moon. www.awe130.com/index… It is time for the truth!

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