FW: Farewell Lloyd, The Work Continues

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-12-18 21:57:26

  From: Starchild Project [mailto:contact@starchildpro…] Sent: 18 December 2013 21:28To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Farewell Lloyd, The Work Continues   Farewell Lloyd, The Work Continues Newsletter December 18th, 2013  A Great Man Lloyd A. Pye, Jr. passed away on December 9th, 2013. Lloyd founded the Starchild Project in 1999 along with Ray and Melanie Young, and was our tireless Director until the end. He was so passionately dedicated that he filmed a segment on the Starchild Skull for Ancient Aliens in the midst of his treatment for cancer. He was a dear friend, an exceptional colleague, and a great man. We will all strive to live up to the legacy he has left behind. Read More… Put Your Money Where Your Mouth IsWe are working to raise the funds needed to continue our DNA research. We have recovered raw DNA data but it is useless until we can decode it. Help us to take this essential next step, and score perks like t-shirts, Starchild Skull replicas, and even crystal skulls. Visit Indiegogo Now… A Different Perspective So many of you have sent us thoughtful and kind letters and emails about Lloyd Pye, and about the work we are doing with the Starchild Skull. One of our followers, Kevin James, has given us permission to publish his letter. Read More… The Starchild Project is staffed by unpaid volunteers, and research is contracted to independent labs. We appreciate your support, and hope you will share this newsletter with friends and family. This message was sent to ad.johnson@ntlworld…. from: Starchild Project

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