Eric Dollard’s Research

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-12-28 12:34:47

Someone posted a link to this website on my facebook page:   I had only glanced at one video of Eric Dollard a few months ago, and not really studied it. On the right hand column of this page, there is a 3-HOUR long video (not quite to the lenght of Nassim haramein, but getting up there). Dollard gives an excellent summary of the development of the science and maths in Electrical Engineering, only parts of which I was familiar with. What interested me more, however, was his brief discussion of the “Russian Scalar Wave Hoax” – which has been talked about (not as a hoax) by the likes of Tom Bearden.…   There is also an ongoing and siginificant effort to muddle up and cover up Dollard’s research and knowledge (see his home page for details).   As ever, you can listened for yourself and see what you think… I hadn’t really heard of Dollard until this year – but he’s been around for A LONG time, so the cover up has been quite successful….

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