The BCG and “Energy for Free”

In 2010, I put together a presentation called "Infinite Energy, But Not For The Masses"In 2012, Richard D Hall interview me and he included parts of presentation above in two 50-minute programmes he made about free energy. Richard had also been researching these topics (and had even done an experiment or 2 with someone he knew – details included in the programme). You can find these interviews here (each consisting of 3 segments of about 18 mins or so):……

Richard felt we had done a fairly good job in covering the main "free energy" issues – and some of the history. About 1 month later, I did the same "Infinite Energy" presentation at Truthjuice Birmingham (the same place where Dr Wood and I both spoke in 2011). At that event, I was approached by someone called Mike Clark – he said he had a PhD in Physics from Cambridge Univ. I met up with Mike Clark in early November and  he showed me some pulsed-magnetism devices which he was selling through his website: I have used something similar myself, from time to time to treat localised pain.

Mike Clark invited me to speak about Free Energy issues at an upcoming meeting of the British Constitution Group (BCG) and I ended up addressing a group of about 400-500 people (the largest audience I have spoken to, I think) on 24 Nov 2012. You can see Mike Clark – and me – in this 19 minute video here:

Mike said he’d been given half an hour, but based on what he sent to me, he would only be speaking for 10 mins. So anyway, at the meeting, I decided to read out this article which I had written for the BEM conference magazine in Oct/Nov 2012 – that was the conference that Dr Wood and I spoke at. I thought the article was as good a summary as I could make to cover what I had learned about Free Energy in the last 10 years.

Mike Clark had said to me he wanted to give up some of his time to me as he thought I was "more qualified" than him to talk about Free Energy. Here is an edited version of the video above, which I made so that people could hear the "declaration" that Mike Clark made.

He said that "his team" already had a free energy device in development and they hoped to release it in 2015 to help get people off the grid – sounded great!! This device would be offered to members of the BCG. At our earlier meeting (in the pub) he had told me that, a few years ago, they had developed a Water Fuel Cell and, separately, a "self-running" magnetic motor, so I assumed he was referring to one of these units, in some way.

Mike Clark was head of the "BCG Energy Group" and he called a meeting of members (I was one) in March 2013. I drove all the way to Manchester for this meeting (again no one asked about or offered expenses etc for this 160 mile round trip). Mike Clark had even sent out an agenda for this meeting. I got there on time and it was attended by about 12 people – 3 of whom I knew. The meeting started about 1 hour late and the agenda was not followed. 2 or 3 of us (including me) reordered the meeting.

Almost nothing of real value was discussed and Mike Clark called the meeting to a close about 1 hour early (total meeting/speaking time was less than 2 hours, I think). He had mentioned nothing about what he had in development – instead, following a suggestion by someone else at the meeting, he proposed a new development, based on a "tank cell circuit" (I’d never heard of this simple circuit before the meeting). You can hear the exchange I had with Mike Clark in the  video I made above. Basically, he said nothing could be taken forward from his previous development work (details about which were rather sketchy) and this meant, as far as I was concerned, he had not been truthful in what he said to the audience of 400 people the previous November (about having a free device in development – no one was developing this).

Some weeks later, Mike Clark resigned from the BCG energy group and apparently to focus on marketing / selling his magnacare equipment.

Richard D Hall pointed out that the time that Mike Clark approached me was only a few weeks after the airing of the programmes that Richard and I had done together – which had a reasonable sized audience.

A discussion of this is also included in the presentation I did at the Awakened State Conference in Edinburgh in May 2013:

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