Re: FW: Ancient alien burial mound found on Google Mars? (Video)

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-01-17 13:56:46

I find it bizarre that so many academics… ie nearly all of them!… dismiss this evidence so thoughtlessly. Mars scientists are perfectly happy with the overwhelming evidence that a large amount of liquid water flowed on the surface of the planet in the distant past. There are the unmistakable signs of water erosion, of remains of rivers lakes and seas. This means that at one point, millions or even billions of years ago, Mars had a much denser atmosphere than it has today and it must have been a hell of a lot warmer there. It was similar to Earth in those days. In that case why couldn’t complex life evolve? Maybe a large and intelligent animal species capable of building something like these objects? In future ages its possible Earth may change to become arid and airless like Mars is today. This would kill most life. Imagine at the same time Venus changed too to become cooler and more habitable and life evolved there. The organisms on Venus might develop to the point where they can send spacecraft to Earth and examine its dry and barren surface. They may see the remains of any artificial structures we built that are sturdy enough to survive that long, the Giza Pyramids, Hadrians Wall etc. Wanna bet they’ll be the same ridiculous narrow-minded denial (or cover-ups!) that we’re having today?

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