Edgar Fouche – Disclosing Secret Technologies

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-01-26 12:20:56

Over the last few weeks, I have been in contact with Edgar Fouche and he kindly offered to do a series of video interviews over “Oovoo” (like Skype but it allows easier video recording). I must’ve recorded about 4 or 5 hours with Ed and I have broken down the sessions into 10-20 minute segments. Feel free to read on below, and share these links as you wish.   I have a few more parts to post yet, and may even record 1 or 2 more segments with Ed and post those in due course – whence I will send round additional links.   Playlist:   www.youtube.com/watc…   or individual links   Edgar Fouche – Disclosing Secret Technologies – Part 1 – Ed’s Early Life Edgar Fouche – Disclosing Secret Technologies – Part 2 – Early Career Edgar Fouche – Disclosing Secret Technologies – Part 3 – Top Secret Aircraft Systems Edgar Fouche – Disclosing Secret Technologies – Part 4 – Trip to Area 51 Edgar Fouche – Disclosing Secret Technologies – Part 5 – 1999’s Technology in use in 1979 Edgar Fouche – Disclosing Secret Technologies – Part 6 – Flying Triangle Sightings Edgar Fouche – Disclosing Secret Technologies – Part 7 – Working in Area 51 Edgar Fouche – Disclosing Secret Technologies – Part 8 – Decision to Disclose   Please view the parts in order to get the full story!   I first came across Edgar Fouche in 1999 – speaking in a UK UFO documentary called “Riddle Of The Skies”. Ed only appeared on the screen for a few minutes and, partly because of the way the information was presented in this documentary. I hadn’t really “taken in” the huge significance of what he was disclosing to the world at that time. Edgar Fouche was disclosing information regarding what he had seen in a number of secret projects – or “black programmes”. In the 1960’s, having completed his High School education Ed was drafted from college during the Vietnam conflict.  Ed  was selected for the US Air Force Pararescue field and then, following an injury, retrained as an electronics and cryptographic specialist. His continually growing skills and knowledge in these and other areas lead him to gain a top secret “crypto” clearance. He then spent about 20  years in the US military and another decade working for defence contractors. Ed worked with many people – across many levels of the military – and gained many awards for the high standards of his work. His reputation meant that his skills were often sought after by the people high up in his chain of command. As Ed will explain, all these factors lead him, in the mid-late 1970’s, to work, for some short periods, in  top secret facilities in the Nevada Test Site – known as Area 51. This brought him into contact with some advanced digital technology – which, as part of his work, he held in his hands. Also, he communicated with many people in or connected to the US military, that he came to know and trust. Over time, they gave him their own accounts of incredible technologies and programmes that they had witnessed or worked on. In the early 1990’s, with the help of a few close friends, even though they knew that they would be putting themselves at risk of reprisals, the decision was made that they would disclose to the world what they knew – that the US government had been covering up the development of advanced, potentially world-changing technologies. Ed collected together many documents to back up what he was presenting. Some documents were extremely sensitive and therefore had names or dates blacked out or deleted. After years of careful research, interviewing, writing and preparation, Ed made his first disclosures in 1998, at a number of public presentations – including MUFON and IUFOC events in the USA. Ed had also written down much of the information in the form of a book, also published in 1998, which was co-authored by well known author Brad Steiger. The book was called “Alien Rapture – The Chosen” and it used Ed’s life as a “canvas” on which was “painted” the information he was disclosing. Due to the legal advice he received,  most of the characters and scenarios in the “painting” are presented as fictional, but essentially, they are based on real people and true events. The only thing in his book that was fiction was the ‘Alien Agenda.’    

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