9/11 – What Happened at the WTC and How it is Covered Up

Andrew Johnson (ad.johnson@ntlworld….) 
Jan 2014

This page is simply a compilation/reposting of existing videos which, if viewed all the way through, should give you a good understanding of:

  1. What happened to the WTC Towers
  2. The type of weaponry that was used to destroy them
  3. The probable real nature of the WTC Planes (Flight 175 and flight 11)

This page is more concerned with the physical evidence – not “who did it” or all the “behind the scenes activity” with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and so on. The Pentagon and Shanksville sites are not really discussed here, as there is far less evidence available than at the WTC site. Total viewing time is about 7 hours (watch the videos in different sittings).

Wake Up This is your alarm! By Charlie Pound (4 mins)


9/11 – Key Evidence (20 Mins)

A look at the key evidence at the WTC site which proves something extremely unusual happened.

Where Did the Towers Go? (143 Mins Approx)

Dr Judy Wood’s extensive forensic study shows us where they went.

911 WTC Planes – Analysis (23 mins)

Richard D Hall’s 3D Analysis brings up more questions about the WTC Planes and what they really were.


What Planes? (70 mins)

Dr Morgan Reynolds 2007 presentation asking more questions about the planes


911 – Covering Up Discussion and Analysis of the Key Evidence (127 mins)

Andrew Johnson’s presentation from 2012 about the cover up of the discussion of certain 9/11 evidence and how effective it has been

Part 1 

Part 2




Further Reading/Research

  1. Dr Judy Wood’s posting about key WTC Evidence – www.drjudywood.com/w…


  1. 9/11 Finding the Truth – Free eBook about the 9/11 Cover Up – tinyurl.com/911ftb

  2. No evidence that Muslims hijacked planes on 9/11 – By Elias Davidsson – 10 January 2008 (revised 8 February 2008) – wikispooks.com/w/ima… 


Here is a comparison of 2 photos taken of the “Toasted Car Parking Lot”. Some of these cars were not towed. What caused some cars to be damaged and some to be left “OK”?


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