John Lear UFO Area 51- Anthony J Hilder and the Dulce Film

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-03-02 09:59:34

I was talking to someone yesterday and they told me about this interview with John Lear in the early 1990’s –…   Hilder incorrectly captions the video with John being an SR71 pilot (this is explained in the video description). The video tells some of the Lazar story (and it appears Lazar has not been totally honest about what happened to him, but that’s another story).   What interested me about this video, however, is a clip which is alleged to be filmed inside the Dulce base… and I wondered if anyone knew anything about this. I have a feeling I saw this clip quite a few years back, but initial searches I’ve done didn’t turn up much of any use. If anyone know any more, feel free to reply!

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