Re: Real Hoverboards

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-03-06 10:18:46

Update on the Hoverboard situation: There has been a confession released, a video once again featuring Back to the Future Part II actor Christopher Lloyd. It seems that is was a hoax by a media entertainment group called “Funny or Die”, see: confession video is also intended to be funny in a bittersweet way, Lloyd performing with exaggerated emotion. The most interesting part is where he appeals to the audience: “This (the hoverboard) belongs to the people! Not in some dusty old storage unit!… because if we inspired one person to get into the ‘hover sciences’ I consider that a victory! Here’s to hoverboards being actually real some day. Go! Do it! Make it happen! For all of us!” Does Lloyd know how serious what he said actually is? If he had substituted “free energy”, “The Hutchison Effect” or “cold fusion” for “hoverboards”… that gives me a chill! I don’t think this confession video negates anything I said in the article; I doubted very much if it was real from the start. The idea that this is a muddle-up or some kind of psychological test is still a possibility.

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