911 and Human Consciousness – Per G Nordgren

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Date: 2014-03-16 09:40:24

Attachments :   blog.lege.net/?/352-…   www.checktheevidence…    9/11 and Human Consciousness by Per Nordgren 2014-02-27 Swedish original:  pernordgren.com/arti… In the picture you see a Black Leopard. A beautiful and powerful predator. A predator who in the wild has its specific prey animals, and who will not hurt anyone else. But if it or its offspring is threatened it doesn’t hesitate to attack. Man hunts whatever she decides to hunt, and appears to find both a specific usefulness and also pleasure in butchering and torture her own race. As if she was a sacrifice to the gods. Man’s freedom is an illusion. She is living behind an invisible fence that permits and encourage her to allow herself and her offspring to become sacrifices. As opposed to the predator animals, who obey Natural Law1 Photo: Leo Druker Tip: Keep the mouse pointer above the footnote. That way you can read the text. If you also want the links, klick the footnote. The Inn I saw through the window that it started to snow. For once the the flakes fell slowly towards the ground, dreamily beautiful like in a Walt Disney movie on Christmas Eve. There was no wind and it was well below freezing at nineteen degress so the snow glittered in the glow of the street lamps. Inside the neighborhood restaurant the area’s artisans had gathered in the bar as usual. They were people who enjoyed each other, one foot in the system and one foot out. They good-naturedly joked with their hostess and as beer glasses were refilled more and more truths were told. The wine bottle in front of me was half empty as I caught myself eavesdropping a little on the group. Mostly to distract my own thoughts, when I heard that the subject 9/11 came up. Voices were both raised and becoming more intense as the discussion went on, even bordering to aggressive. One could discern that some insisted that explosives had been used. Others pointed out how silly the idea was that this was how it had been done. How impossible. There was nothing left of the towers. No debris on the ground, no seismic reading on the Richter scale. The building had simply gone up in smoke, disappeared. No, it certainly wasn’t explosives. I thought to myself, this is interesting. Must one be a little half alcoholic and stand with one leg outside the system to realize that explosives weren’t involved? Or could it be that these practically inclined people trusted their own sound thinking and had renounced dominance by authority? Those who thought the explosives idea silly, did they read newspapers or watch TV? Since there could be no consensus on the method the discussion instead went into why the towers were taken down. Here the usual truths were mentioned, like so the banks would earn yet more money on war, that the oil in Iraq should end up in the U.S. cheaply, and so the war on terror could make possible an even closer control of the world population. Until someone said, and which I carefully wrote down: ”The war on terror is in fact a war against human consciousness, a war against her spiritual ability to develop and retain a harmonious balance in the universe. The war on terror is a cover for reducing man to a battery, to a supply of energy to be used in a digital reality for those at the top of the foodchain. Without his higher consciousness man is reduced to a robot in a reality that can be controlled by a computer-like creature. 9/11 was the key to this process.”2 9/11 and Human Consciousness We now know how 9/11 could be performed like a well directed theater piece with the help from a technology that even though it was meant to be hidden from us we now know something about. This fact has become increasingly clear for increasing numbers of people who has for themselves studied the events that happened September the 11’th 2001 on lower Manhattan. This is most encouraging. But it’s not just about how it was done, which one can read about in 9/11 Where Did the Towers Go?. One must also at some point start to think about why. Could the purpose be what the piano tuner thought? He who in the introduction said that without our higher conciousness man is reduced to a battery. If so 9/11 could also be an occult ritual,3 intended to destroy or limit our spiritual ability. Which could also be the beginning of the end phase in a more than 2000 year old war waged against man’s conciousness and spiritual capabilities.4 A final complement to disinformation, lies, fraud, repressive religions, false history, false science and manipulations of reality. But is it possible to examine if there is validity to the piano tuner’s statement? When Larry Silverstein5 in an interview stated the words ”pull it”6 this was also a confirmation of a failure. With all probability Flight 93 was intended to have been flown into WTC 7, but instead under unclear circumstances crashed on a field in Shanksville. WTC 7 didn’t have any big damages. The fires were limited and there were no civilians in the building. Therefore the central question remains: Why was it decided that WTC 7 must be taken down, even though there was no danger either for buildings or life? Additionally, the effect of the magic theatre was jeopardized if no airplane flew into the building as planned. If we assume that 9/11 was (also) an occult rite then the number 3 becomes important. We’ve heard many times that ”All good things go by three”. It was planned and considered necessary for three buildings to be annihilated in order for the rite to be consummated. But Flight 93 (the third plane) is mankind’s triumph card. Was the rite really completed so the intended effect could be achieved when it ended up on a field instead of in WTC 7?7 The number 7 (WTC 7) plays an important role, a number associated with consciousness and spirituality.8 And (WTC) 1+2 is 3. Most people today consider numerology and magic to be nonsense, but it must be emphasized to each and everyone that for those in secret societies practicing secret teachings, symbols, (black) magic, numerology and alchemy is an absolute reality. For them they can become tools to be included in rites and rituals used to strengthen their control and power over other people. To firmly establish their own deeply egoistic motives that often are perceived to be of psychopathic nature. For them as opposed to ordinary people who don’t see any possibility to affect outcome, lucky numbers means that it’s ordained by fate. The question then is if one can find connections between 9/11 and secret societies. And that one can. The Internet is full of them. Some that are mentioned are Zionism, Freemasonry, Skull and Bones and the Jesuits.9 One can also read on the Internet that it is considered commonplace that the elite can move freely among the different societies, since they appear to have a whole lot of common goals or connections to each other. But what surprises is that few mention church/religion as an underlying important factor. I’m not refering to those discussions that occur in relation to 9/11 about for example the role of Muslims, or the involvement of Christian fundamentalists. One generally think of religions as independent, although they are accused of hate and to create the conditions for war and division between the peoples. But although there are uncertainties in the ideals of the church, it is considered to stand alone. Nothing could be more wrong. Religions the world over are both created and controlled by the secret societies. The church is the perfect tool for building up a fear-culture which thereby also efficiently prevent human consciousness from developing. And religions have always been used as a tool to create conflicts and wars. The very first to become priests were educated by Illuminati10 in northwestern Iraq several thousand years B.C. The priests not only were taught religious dogma, but equally important how to teach the people how to do large scale farming.11 Woman is considered to have discovered and developed the knowledge of cultivating plants. This discovery was co-opted by Illuminati and turned into large scale production through the priests. Here we can see the very first germ of patriarchy and theocracy.12 As if this isn’t enough, religious dualism has its cradle here. The Cosmos was divided into good and evil, each sprung from a separate source.13 Then came the sacrificial kings, where human sacrifice was necessary for the masses to feel good. The sacred kings who had ties to the sky and god, was set to perform God’s work. And finally came the current salvation god, or more correctly, the victim-perpetrator god under whom millions upon millions of people have suffered, and lost their lives. A god who is not earth-bound, who is of male sex and lacking a woman. If people understood that religions are fiction in order to keep humans as slaves, in constant fear and thus easy to handle, would it have made any difference? Or that the tool of religion is used to exercise population control? For example, several investigators believe that the Jesuit order, which is believed to have its roots in the Templars, has strong ties to the Vatican. See for example MetalHeadViking who writes that the Freemasons also originated from the Templars. An interesting blog. The blogger describes himself as a Christian and nationalist. Religions should thus generally be seen as linked to secret societies. Religions are the creation of the societies and are tools with a certain definite purpose, to prevent the development of the higher consciousness of man, and to impede her spiritual ability. Man basically is the same amount of soul (spirit) and body, and is loving by nature, born free, and neither good nor evil.14 But it is hidden from us, and the false image of ourselves is maintained e.g. using symbols, which men and women with their imagination can manifest as truth. The illusion, or maybe the virus, is inside of us. When Adam and Eve were invited by the serpent to eat the apple on the tree of knowledge, to us this means that the snake is a symbol15 representing master, wisdom, etc. The snake is an important, powerful and positive symbol related to human development. But the same symbol, the same tools, are also used against us. One reloads the snake with other values, and man seems to become more and more stupid because of it.. Therefore one ought to think twice before accepting for instance David Icke’s view of ”the Serpent”.16 Symbolically, the word stands for things including knowledge (wisdom), master teacher, creativity, fertility, the healer, the feminine aspect. And sometimes the Serpent/Snake is referred to as the link between the highest spiritual, Earth and life. When we affirm David Icke’s view of the serpent which he equates with reptiles with legs, we also deny the snake, our source. John Lamb Lash has drawn attention to these problems in ”Who Wrote the Reptilian Agenda?”. Here an excerpt: ”The female spiritual principle came through the snake, the instructor.” (The Reality of the Archons, Nag Hammadi Codices II, 4.) And: ”Yet all through David Icke’s references to ancient lore in his books, he does not indicate that the serpent power has been considered the ally, healer, and teacher of humanity. The form of the archons or Annunaki ETs is reptilian (drakonic in the NHC text), but the faculty built into our psychosomatic structure, by which we detect and repel alien intrusion, is serpentine. To confound the divinely endowed serpentine power integral to our biopsychic functions with the alien reptilian menance is grotesque, a ridiculous error. The difference between the two is as clear as day, once it is pointed out. No one doing research into ancient esoteric and mythological lore could fail to note that difference. Yet David Icke gives no indication of doing so anywhere in his writings and talks. He dwells on the reptilian menace as the problem facing humanity, but ignores the serpentive endowment provided for the solution to that very threat. He explains in detail the fight-or-flight impulses of the R complex or reptilian brain without a word on the serpent power that resides in the spinal column, informs the subtle anatomy of the chakras, and enlivens the entire network of the autonomic nervous system.” What Icke and many others are doing with the Serpent is to transform this important symbol and source that also is within us, and instead have us direct our thoughts towards some external extraterrestrial reptile-like creature. It’s like it becomes the inverse, the opposite. We say no to the source and affirm the deception. Mark Passio, who has given me the inspiration to write this text, has analyzed the link between 9/11 and the symbolic world. In a video17 he in detail describes how he perceive that symbolism was used on September the 11:th 2001 in order to dismantle and bury the female aspect of ourselves and also of our (higher) consciousness. He presents a very interesting chain of symbolism and how this was used against us, against our consciousness. The charged symbols18 can, with the help of the rite, easily penetrate our defenseless subconscious and thus become its ”truth”. But one should always take a critical stand and oneself study and gain an idea of what might be real. The same is true for this whole article. It can serve as inspiration for others who are studying, investigating and looking for ways to freedom and truth. But it does not necessarily describe the truth, even if this is the purpose of the text. An example of a critic of Passio is the author Steven Hager. In an article ”Mark Passio and the Illuminati Hoax” he accuses Passio for having a weak research and he equates him with David Icke, who he calls a ”disinfo plant”. But at least in the part of the video that is about 9/11 I would absolutely give Passio a point. What he says there is very consistent with other sources. In Masonry, we can find a rich selection of symbolism. Which doesn’t mean that they were involved in 9/11. The same symbolism can be found in most of the societies and religions, though in different guises. With the Freemasons it is quite accessible, which is why I’m using theirs. This beautiful lithograph from 1877 (Ramsey, Millett & Hudson), with its strong symbolism, is a good example of the Masonic world of thought. What we see before us is the temple of Solomon,19 (For those who are paying attention and thinking in the symbolic world it may be mentioned that Salomon Brothers was the first and largest tenant in WTC 7.) that Masons imagine was the origin of how the order was started. You could say that every man and woman carries within him/herself ones own unique temple, that this is also what man is. Don’t think that I now am saying that we have Solomon’s temple in us. No, that we should take heed not to do. To return to the lithograph, it is called ”Masonic History” but it can also be seen as human (development) history. At the far bottom under the classic cross-hatched floor we see written ”Old age” and below that also ”Manhood”. And we understand that man came about long ago and that in the beginning her mind was not very developed. The floor may be considered as the present. It is this floor that, at least at some time, all Masons have walked. To the left (north) stands a pillar20 indicating the male aspect,21 and on top of it the Earth and the Sun. If we follow what Passio said in the video then WTC 1, which stood to the north with the spire on top (phallic symbol), is this pillar’s counterpart. The right hand, southern pillar, then corresponds to the feminine aspect with the moon on top. Which corresponds to WTC 2 that stood to the south. The harmony, the balance between these two pillars (human consciousness) is crucial for us to develop our consciousness towards higher spirituality (higher consciousness). As we see in the middle of the picture there is a ”G”. This means ”the great Architect”. At the top there is the all-seeing Eye. If one maps this onto human evolution in consciousness and spirituality, it will start under the floor of ”Old age” and then rise to higher and higher levels. In the picture we can see people wandering higher up on the hills. Extremely simplified one can perhaps say that the harmony, the balance between the two pillars, which are each others opposites or complements, determine the level of consciousness one is capable of achieving. WTC 7 in the middle here represents the consciousness of man. It collapsed in less than 6 seconds, or did it? The arrow, the shot into the consciousness of man is missing. There never came a third aircraft. But ritually one seems to be rather pleased, the old is torn down and the way is cleared for a new age. Consequently there is now only one tower with the interesting name One World Trade Center. The building has a spire at the top which means that the male aspect has been reborn, with the sun as god and creator. The feminine aspect and our (higher) consciousness lies buried in an ugly pool-like construction. What we symbolically see is a world in complete disharmony, of psychopathic nature, with war, violence, victims, and assaults on people’s everyday lives, which humans no longer think about. Does the world look like that today? When studying rites and rituals one must remember that the symbols that are used are tools. They can be used for both good and evil. Swedish Masons for the most part in all probability work with their own personal development, simply to become better people. It’s other aspects of Freemasonry than the symbolism that should receive more attention. Very many have understood that the secret societies with the secret teachings have a goal to enrich themselves. But that is of course just a part of what they want to achieve. One should also understand that all known intelligence services like Mossad, the CIA and others, the military industrial complex, the hidden technology or science, the central banks and others working in secrecy, that they all have links to secret societies. The societies monitor and control evolution in a hierarchical system. They have many tools that they use to keep humans as slaves and to prevent us from capturing our spirituality.22 One example is the money system with privately controlled central banks as a tool. These banks print money out of thin air, which becomes the debts owed by people. Per Lundgren has in his research right down to the detail level shown how this is done. And how control is handled through the Masonic organization. At all levels. But what seems crystal clear is rarely true. Surprisingly, we find that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock (Congress President) and two of the five who wrote the proposal for the future United States Declaration of Independence, were all known Masons.23 Men considered to have worked for the good of the people in all respects, and some of these men had also seen through the fraudulent money system perpetrated by privately owned banks. The eyebrows go up another notch when we also learn that the founder of the most famous Illuminati order in Munich, Adam Weishaupt, so came to impress President Thomas Jefferson that the latter in May 1, 1776, said that Weishaupt was an ”enthusiastic benefactor”.24 What we are seeing is infiltration, and we can be confident that all governments, intelligence agencies, courts, etc. are infiltrated by various societies. And the same infiltration also occurs between and in the secret societies . No wonder that the ”elite” can easily move between different societies. They have a lot in common, such as, for example, retain dominion over man. A measure of the extent of this infiltration can be given by Per Lundgren. He has found that at least 127 countries have a central bank,25 and where there is a central bank one can be absolutely sure that the country is corrupt and controlled by the secret societies. I’ve only skimmed a bit on the surface in this text, historic background, the significance of the societies, the role of the religions, symbolism as tools, the fear-culture and the disinformation that overflows us. But has the piano tuner’s statement any validity? Absolutely, what he says about it being possible to reduce man to a battery is correct. Man is bioenergy and has also built in a function like a battery.26 To go deeply into this would make this article too long, but briefly it can be said that man is (also) bioenergy, an ”electric field”, that with the right technology can be influenced to more or less anything. Computers can take control over human emotions, control her behavior and decide over life and death. Just the trend we see right now, well camouflaged by promises of a healthier life, with your mind and body connected to your iPhone. But the piano tuner also stated that ”The war on terror is in fact a war against human consciousness”. He is quite right here as well. Now that we understand the purpose of the occult rite around 9/11 it becomes quite clear that it is the human consciousness and the feminine aspect one wish to get at. And then it becomes natural also to wonder why? In the lithography, we could see how humans evolved over time to a higher consciousness. And with it also the spiritual ability. In order to understand and explain this development, we must go to the myths. And we find that man is a hybrid,27 created approximately 200 000 years ago by an alien race who simply needed a robust work force to mine mostly gold from our planet. History tells us how difficult it was to produce a sufficiently intelligent being who was still manageable as a slave. Enki, who was responsible for the project, finally obtained the perfect hybrid for the work. To succeed, however, he had to violate the established rules and created a hybrid (us) that develops over time, toward a higher consciousness, a more divine status. A more conscious human being means that she finally understands her role as a slave, and then also becomes free to simply break the ”contract”. She just needs to say ”no, I do not cooperate.” Both Enki and his ilk knew already at the Creation that there would be problems in the not too distant future, but decided to postpone the problem. When they left Earth it therefore became the job of their own progeny (genetic descendants), which are usually termed the blue-blooded, to continue to impede human development. And it must be acknowledged that they have succeeded well for the last 7000 years. Up to September 11, 2001, when they failed to put the arrow in man’s growing consciousness. 9/11 is to man an important watershed. One road leads to what the piano tuner is thinking, but there is also provided an opportunity to take the first step toward freedom. The first step towards the challenge to later peacefully explore the Universe in order to learn, and to teach. Which path will you choose? Inspired in part by Old Norse thinking the swedish term Mannarätten – literally Man’s Rights – has been suggested. You can read about Natural Law here. An article by James A Donald. In addition to further study one should visit ITCCS.ORG. ↩ Normally one would give the source for a quote, but here we will have to be satisfied with the profession: The piano tuner ↩ Lacking a better choice I selected the term occult rite or ritual that is usually associated with the supernatural, that which is hidden etc. My own definition is approximately: A rite or ritual is a method that is using ”charged” symbols (it’s here useful to compare with a commercial brand, a logo. Coca Cola’s brand was in 2011 valued at 71,9 billion dollars.) in an action or event in order to attract and effect our subconscious that cannot differentiate between what is true or false, good or evil. What is happening is that the action creates an illusion or image, an illusory reality in our subconscious that our own creative ability to imagine then create reality from. Regardless of if it’s false or true, but perceived as true. We have tremendous power in our ability to imagine. (And in our intention.) Indeed we could use it to create Paradise on Earth. ↩ John Lamb Lash’s book ”Not in His Image” is a central work that gives an idea of the role of the religions in this war. The first Gnostic’s, not to be confused with christian or catholic gnostic’s, had an ability to see through the fraud. Because of this their library was destroyed and they were butchered to the last man, all in the name of god ↩ Silverstein owned and built the first WTC 7, that was finished in 1983. The second, 7 WTC, was inaugurated in 2006, also under Silverstein. Seven weeks before 9/11 he also signed a controversial leasing contract on the remaining WTC buildings, which gave him full control over the whole WTC complex. A significant person in the center of events ↩ Here a transcript of the infowars.com interview, ”I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ”We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.” And they made that decision to pull and we watched the [WTC 7] building collapse,” It is not unusual that public statements contain hidden messages intended for the initiated. If one wish to be really speculative and think a little opposite then Silverstein’s statement could mean that he’s spoken with someone higher up in the hierarchy, and that this person regrets that the third plane can’t crash into the building so that the fire could intensify. And that when he speaks of loss of life he’s not thinking of the little more than 3000 who dies (was sacrificed), but he’s refering to the operators who were supposed to bring down the third building but got ”cold feet” when they realized the consequences and therefore quickly were liquidated by some death squad. Because of this the rite could not be consummated so building seven had to be taken down with conventional technology. ↩ Multiple investigators believe that there weren’t any airplanes involved at all in the events, that either the video footage has been manipulated or that what we see is a form of hologram. In an occult rite this doesn’t make any difference, the main thing is that we believe that it is airplanes crashing ↩ Indeed Wikipedia refers keywords for the number 3 as ”communication/interaction” and the number 7 as ”thought/consciousness; spirit”, but also state that modern scientists regard numerology pseudoscience. ↩ Here some examples: Note in particular the text below the YouTube clip. A bit into the clip we also see a good sequence on how building 7 was taken down. It is a different or modified technology than the one that was used on the twin towers. They looked like when someone had shaken a carbonated soda and opened it. Also compare images of what was left of building 7 and of the towers, it was a very big difference. WikiSpooks have their view clear. Lasse Wilhelmson has written an article about Sionism and Magnus Mörner about Swedish Jesuits from 1954 ↩ The illuminated. This refers to those who left The Magic Order that was a Gnostic movement originating in the star people, those who discovered science about the planets and their paths. ↩ In case anyone missed the point, man’s destiny as a slave was sealed when she started to produce more than she needed. Man left a nomadic culture where the individual was born free ↩ Wikipedia ↩ See Metahistory.org ↩ Whether man is born good or evil was discussed ad nauseam when I was in ”Socialhögskolan” – School of Social Work. One must understand that if you put a character trait on man such as evil, one reduces her to a piece of meat with a computer-like brain as the only tool. I assert that man rests in a loving foundation that is neutral, in balance and harmony. She is. ↩ It is also possible to imagine the snake as a DNA strand ↩ Serpent usually is used in the sense ”big snake” ↩ 1 hour 42 min into the video comes the part on 9/11 ↩ Compare with what brands and logos does to us ↩ The Temple according to Wikipedia ↩ ”pillar”, 1. an upright structure of stone, brick, metal, etc. that supports a superstructure or is used for ornamentation. … 4. a prominent supporter: a pillar in the Church. … (Collins English Dictionary.) ↩ Every man and woman carry both the feminine and the masculine aspect. This has nothing to do with gender but is universal symbolism that helps us to understand what man is. A similar symbolism is in the swedish term Mannarätten – literally Man’s Rights. ↩ Spirituality here refers to man’s higher consciousness and spiritual abilities, her quest for a natural connection to a conscious universe and her origins and connection to the Earth, (Gaia, Sophia) which we all also are a part of. A consciousness that strives for balance, harmony and development will also be the absolute love, which we most easily understand by considering the mother and her child – a world whose limits are set by Natural Law, or the swedish Mannarätten; Man’s Rights ↩ Clas Svahn, Sekter & Hemliga Sällskap, pp. 16-19 ↩ Clas Svahn, Sekter & Hemliga Sällskap, p. 19. Weishaupt wanted to abolish the current arrangements with governments, private ownership, religions and so on, and instead allow an elite to lead the world and put the light bearer Lucifer on the world’s throne. But other information says that Weishaupt was just a front man, who was a good fit because he was Jewish. The founder of the Illuminati order would be, again, a Templar. Source: MetalHeadViking  ↩ Sweden was among the first. The first equivalent of the Riksbank was created in the 1600s ↩ See daniel p. 6 ↩ Zecharia Sitchin was early with his book ”The 12th Planet” from 1976 in which he describes how the Anunnaki created humans through genetic manipulation. Many others have later continued the investigation into the same track. Michael Tellinger moved man’s creation to Africa, specifically to Adam´s Calendar (ordinary historians ought to be happy?) And wrote the breakthrough book ””Slave Species of God”, where we learn how and why man was created ↩ 9/11 and Human ConsciousnessPer Nordgren2014-02-27Translation to English by Leif Erlingsson, 2014-03-15 Original:  pernordgren.com/arti… .

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