FW: Estimate of Space Command Fleet ships

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-03-25 07:30:02

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From: Ed Sent: 24 March 2014 22:06To: EdSubject: Estimate of Space Command Fleet ships     Estimate of Space Command Fleet ships   I believe my information is accurate within +/-10%   The US operates with the UK, Japanese, and the Canadians.   I have conflicting information about whether the Russians are involved with the US or the Chinese, or just playing both sides?   Other SpaceCraft denotes they are NOT satellites, have maneuvering capabilities, and are Military/Government funded/controlled programs.   Good night. Ed       LEO = Low Earth Orbit, MEO = Medium Earth Orbit, Geosynchronous Earth Orbit, Country Organization   Spacecraft Deployed   LEO SpaceCraft  MEO SpaceCraft  GEO SpaceCraft  Other SpaceCraft World 7416 5641 359 799 617 Russia/USSR 4035 3610 187 148 90 UNITED STATES 2040 1275 136 186 443 CHINA 221 156 6 53 6 JAPAN 178 97 4 52 25   satellitedebris.net/…         Washington said his company’s invention, the Advanced Plastics Engineered for the Extreme (APEX) material, could play a role in the development of advanced vehicles such as the XS-1. He also flagged the promise of nano-diamond special coatings “and other things that are not yet ready to be talked about.”   I believe the proprietary materials are quasicrystals I’ve spoken of since the early 90s. Ed The focus is on revolutionizing the responsiveness and flexibility of space systems by introducing “aircraft-like” space access. DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office is also interested in space vehicle technologies that allow access to a wide range of altitudes and inclinations and also enable highly efficient on-orbit maneuvers. “What I think is important is that it take off the same way that it lands, if they want to get the kind of launch tempo they’re aiming at. Having to change the orientation of a vehicle — landing on a runway, then having to erect it to take off vertically — can be a killer on ground turnaround time.”   www.dailymail.co.uk/…       www.space.com/22836-…         www.cnn.com/2012/06/…       On the enlisted side, the Air Force maintains a cadre of Space Systems Operatorsthat support both military and national goals beyond the clouds.   Military Requirements Space Systems Operators need to meet medical qualifications for space operations, which include normal color vision, hearing, and equilibrium; absence of chronic migraines, epilepsy, or psychological conditions such as claustrophobia; and preclude those with regularly prescribed medications that “affect alertness, judgment, cognition, special sensory function, mood or coordination,” according to the Air Force Instruction on Medical Examinations and Standards (PDF).     militarycareers.abou…   AIR FORCE AIR AND SPACE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE CONCEPT The Air Force has created 10 deployable AEFs either trained to task, or training, exercising, and preparing for the full spectrum of operations.           

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