Re: Morgan Reynolds, John Lear, Richard D Hall, Andrew Johnson – No

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-03-28 17:51:00

Like the man at Quantas that John Lear talks about, I’ve used a flight simulator, although it was not a professional one; it was Microsoft Flight Simulator. I tried to fly at a few hundred feet at full throttle and the game lets the player do that. I can reach over 400 knots at 500 feet, but it’s difficult to keep control with the autopilot off. However I don’t have access to a pre-2001 version of that contained the WTC towers. Microsoft Flight Sim has been running a long time, it’s first version came out in 1979 with early generation PC’s and Macs.. One thing that is very apparent is that the 2010 X version of the game doesn’t let the player crash. As soon as your aircraft is in a situation in which it can’t be recovered from a crash it calls game over beforehand. This is different to previous versions, as the game’s Wikipedia page shows:

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