Magnet Motor – Muammer Yildiz

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-04-03 09:43:07…   This video seems to have been messed up slightly with some weird wavy effects which are off-putting in places.…   Sterling Allan is very interested in Mr Yildiz’s self-running magentic motor – he documents the faults with it closely (but it basically seems to work). Mr Allan has even bought an associated domain name, which goes to a specific page on his site:……   It seems Mr Allan has a habit of doing this sort of thing. I wonder if Mr Allan – or anyone – is or was interested in helping Mr Yidiz solve some of the problems with getting the motor to run for longer periods – so you can see that this is one instance where it appears to work, but getting it to run 24/7 presents additional problems.    

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