One more bit of feedback about the MH370 Blog Post

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-04-08 23:09:47

This is also worthy of note….

From: Sent: 07 April 2014 23:50To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: RE: Interesting blog comment/post about Flight MH370 Hi Andrew, Like anyone, I don’t know about Flight MH370, but the blogger is misrepresenting the facts about Air France Flight 447. To say that it was pilot error, is a gross insult to the professionals that these airline pilots are. After the autopilot was switched off (if it was even switched off), the pilots would still be relying on a software program, since the airbus is a fly-by-wire system. For one pilot to error by pulling the nose of the aircraft up and stalling it, is highly unlikely. For 2 pilots do it, is virtually impossible. In a fly-by-wire system, the pilots have no feel of their aircraft, since unlike the old technology, there is no hydraulics. Everything, including the ailerons, elevator, etc,  is operated through censors. So if the pilots did pull the nose if the aircraft up, it is only because their glass cockpit instruments were telling them that their airspeed was high. And if the airspeed was high, it could have be due to icing on the pitot tubes, or more likely, their was a systematic breakdown of the software program. So this individual who wrote the blog is misleading the readers into the possibility that Flight MH370 was due to pilot error. The Air France pilots were struggling to fly their aircraft based on false information from a computer that was failing them by the second. And since they were flying at night, they had little or no outside visual reference to guide them, while watching their aircraft and software fail before them. This blogger cannot be trusted.

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