Re: FW: Fuel from seawater – US Navy

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-04-10 11:40:01

As with the Petrol-from-Air story (I covered it at the time:, there’s nothing particularly revolutionary about taking the elements of water and converting them to hydrocarbons. But the point is as you say it is, Andrew. Is this an energy SOURCE? Or just energy storage and use? The article talks about the current system where are oiler, a tanker ship carries the fuel for the entire fleet and accompanies the fleet wherever it goes. And when it’s empty it has to shuttle to the nearest port and reload. The key element here would be nuclear power. Many ships of the US Navy are powered by fission reactors ever since the first submarine Nautilus was launched in 1954. This effectively means these ships can remain at sea for years non-stop or sail around the world twenty times before needing their fission cores replaced with fresh ones. If a nuclear-powered vessel was the one using this water conversion process then its reactor would be the energy source. The energy would not be coming from the water itself; the nuclear ship would simply be converting its own energy into a form that other ships without reactors could use.

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