Re: Gore Vidal 9/11 Truther

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-04-15 23:26:32

Yes, Neil, we shall indeed be differing over this one. Although certainly the LIHOP is false and a potential hangout/fall back position, I don’t think it’s fair to regard every person who suggests LIHOP as a total failure on the same level as somebody who simply endorses the Official Story without a second thought. It could be that Vidal was dipping his toe into the shark-infested waters where you and I swim about the entire time. If so then credit to him. He was very old when he said this and if he’d been younger with more years ahead of him, who knows where it might have led. It takes guts for somebody in his position to do just that, especially when you know the Rottweiler Christopher Hitchens will go for your throat the moment you do.

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