Re: Gore Vidal 9/11 Truther

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-04-16 00:29:05

Neil, unfortunately we’ll never know for sure because Gore Vidal died in 2012. What he came to understand might have been just the first step towards a much higher level of awareness. Sure, he’s an intelligent guy and probably did consider MIHOP and initially decided, wrongly, that it was not true. There are two ways to handle people like that. We can say: “Don’t be a fool! The LIHOP theory is nonsense!” That’s the most honest answer, because LIHOP is indeed nonsense. But Vidal faced with that would probably feel very hurt and defensive, especially because his other flank was currently being assaulted by Hitch the Bitch. So, I think the best reaction would be to sit him down, make him a cup of tea and say: “OK, Gore, interesting to hear what you think…” and then talk him through the subject. Show him how planes and fire couldn’t bring down those buildings. Then when he’s got used to that idea, he’ll be amenable to how thermite and explosives are a red herring too.

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