Re: Larken Rose – “Mental Malware”

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-04-17 23:44:05

I’ve watched some of it. I’ve always thought that there is more than one kind of mins control. The most familiar one is of course specific and systemic propaganda, suppression and confusion, what you call “muddle up”, connected to a particular event, like 9/11. But underlying that is a more long term strategic kind of mind manipulation that is intended to change human minds in a more general way. This is done through education, the media, cultural Marxism, social Darwinism, consumerism and addiction to materialism etc. Sadly some people who have not been exposed to the first type of mind control will still respond in a controlled manner because of the second type; we’ve ALL been exposed to that. The second type is far harder to break, it’s more ingrained and more difficult to unlearn. I don’t know anybody who is completely cured of it, including myself.

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