Re: Larken Rose – “Mental Malware”

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-04-18 13:48:08

I know what you mean, Neil. If I couldn’t get online I would literally be in a situation a bit like Robinson Crusoe. I still keep up with my Brother Porters, but only see one regularly in the physical world. I’m not married, but I’m lucky to have a girlfriend who’s 100% on our side. She came with me to see Andrew live in Derby last year. I have a daughter aged 19 who thinks I’m crazy; so does my dad. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I can’t help feeling contempt for many people when I hear how they’ve been ganging up on somebody in the workplace, or hurling abuse at people online when they say 9/11 is an inside job. I wish it was as simple as putting Malwarebytes inside them. In my favourite book, The Illuminatus! Trilogy, some characters discover a drug called “AUM” which they give people and it makes them into overnight non-conformists!

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