Comments on QEG from John Galloway

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-04-28 16:29:08

In discussing the QEG with John Galloway, who has been tinkering around for several years with various devices, he pointed out a couple of things, in this posting he is making for the BCG (British Constituion Group)   “So far they have not got to self looping, although the designer claims to have been outputting at 9kw – but the public demos have been far below that.” John writes: The alternative energy world is littered with disinformation and hoaxes, however I will ‘chance my arm’ and say I have higher than normal interest in this design.  On March 25, the Fix the World organization announced that they were open sourcing the Quantum Effect Generator (QEG), making plans available for download. The design is supposed to be capable of an output of 10 kW in self-sustaining mode – enough to easily power an average house here in the UK—or two!  The design consists of a drive motor, rotating a generator via a belt. What I like about the design is that that the team  seem to have re-discovered a way to very quickly switch the magnetic flux within the generator head, by using mechanical resonance in the core/stator material.  As voltage generation relies on moving flux lines, the quicker you move them the more voltage you will get – so this could well be a design that once started can self sustain – which is at the moment an unproven claim.  Normally such a design would be under-unity, i.e. the output would be less than the input.  The group are currently in Taiwan where they assembled a second prototype, which they claimed to be working but not self looped; however it is undergoing a rebuild for some coil windings that shorted out.  Maybe some of you will see my confidence in the machine as naive, however I have read enough patents and seen first hand interesting effects to believe that this is possible.  If nothing else, the use of physically vibrating cores/stators may well help explain some unexplainable old patent claims and opens up new lines for research. There is already much information available on the web about the QEG, and the Fix the World site is at:    www.fixtheworldproje… where plans etc can be downloaded for free.  Once this design gets absolutely reliable 3rd party verification, that it indeed works and can self sustain we intend to replicate the design with the view of helping BCG members use this technology.  It will however not be a cheap item to replicate or produce, requiring precision cut steel laminations, specialist winding equipment etc – perhaps in the region of £2500.00.  Already parts are being made available in the USA – however I would prefer to  source within the UK, but talking to UK companies they say it is cheaper to order from India, that is how they operate!   I will be following this development closely and will keep you updated, but so far the hype has not been matched with any physical results.

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