Paul McCartney Honoured in a Ceremony – August 2012.

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-05-18 20:02:51

Stephen B posted this on my Facebook page:…   I couldn’t immediately find any more information about this ceremony. If the date is correct, it’s a little while after the Olympics finished. I wonder if it’s connected. Not often you see Facca in a dark suit and black tie… what was that medal, I wonder.   If any body else can find any….   (I am posting this because this article on my website: www.checktheevidence… had a fair bit of traffic. I was recently contacted by someone from BBC Radio 4 about it -suggesting there was a “rumour” about Paul McCartney being replaced. I told her to maybe talk to Tina Foster and also check the evidence rather than listen to rumours. She thanked me and I never heard back from her.)    

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