Re: “Not an Impersonator and Not A Hologram”

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-05-22 20:46:13

I remember seeing a hologram of Michael Jackson at Thorpe Park when I was a child on a school trip. This would have been about 1985 or so. It wasn’t as good as the one they’ve just shown, but I remember being very impressed with it. You can bet covert technology is WAY ahead of what’s publicly available.   Wild Palms is a TV miniseries from 1993. It was not well received by “duh cwittics”, but I think it shows amazing foresight. Check out the scene here from 9.00: Wild Palms: Everything Must Go (Part 2/7) Wild Palms: Everything Must Go (Part 2/7) Wild Palms is a six hour mini-series, which first aired in 1993 on the ABC Network in the United States. From its beginning, Wild Palms was conceived … View on Preview by Yahoo  

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