FW: Alan J Mock’s “Cornish Odyssey”

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-05-31 14:41:56

Attachments : Alan has given me permission to forward his inspirational account! From: Alan J. Mock – BritishCoast.Net [mailto:alan@britishcoast.ne…] Sent: 31 May 2014 02:54To: Subject: Cornwall & Devon WDTTG? 9/11 FTT Meetings Dear Andrew and Dr Wood, I have just tonight returned from a trip to Cornwall (most south westerly county in UK, Judy), also venturing into Devon too (second most south westerly county in UK/England) where the main aims was to engage members of the public on the matter of 9/11, and specifically with the compendium of evidence Where Did The Towers Go? in hand, the facts in mind and pictures within the book to present as well as conversation too of course, and copies of your flyers Andrew – B&W A4’s I had blown up from your colour A5’s when I’d ran out of the latter. Oh, and a few stickers left on benches and signs too – one to the Cornish pasty shop guy who said he’d take a look; well, why not. I spent 6 days there, 4 of which were on research, communication, information exchange and assessing reaction to some peoples new found knowledge of what did actually happen. And I am astonished as well as very pleased overall. A few people are actually pretty clued-up although not on the exact science of course, nor the sheer scale of the total destruction nor the breadth and depth of the orchestration of it all which begins to step outside WDTTG of course and more into the 9/11 FTT and psychological manipulation and mind control. The ages ranged from approximately 16-70 years, groups of up to 10 teenagers, students, to single young men and women early twenties, couple of men out promoting their gymnasium, mainly working class & lower middle class(hey ho but you know), senior citizens, all white caucasian. Four police officers in two different locations in Exeter and on different days, both in pairs, male/female. It was important to engage and discuss rather than merely hand out leaflets, which lets face it is not a very effective as I could just as well be a pizza special offer guy offering BOGOFF and there’s little milage in that as people just don’t need that any more, they won’t read anything like that these days as anything more than a single sentence buzz phrase tends to be ‘information overload’ and it’ll just end up unread and littering the street of course.  Allegedly I am quite good at that kind of thing …even being called ‘fearless’ (wouldn’t you know) by a political party I canvassed for 18 months ago before jettisoning it all realising that there is no political party mainstream or otherwise which is going to help solve massive things I am interested in – these kinds of problems, and it was largely through both your work that it was an easy decision not to stand for them locally and in the EU Elections having been asked a couple of times, and likewise to manage their communications and publicity ..and more. No, it was going to be a complete waste of time and waste of what I think I am pretty good at – which is communication in many modes although not all at once ..of course. For the most part tho’ I took them through your work Judy, and let the facts and evidence presented to different groups speak for itself. The groups of teenagers/students the furtherest south west were amazing – they ‘got it’ straight away and were keen to engage in question answer, had to be guided away from ‘theory and opinion’ a little and shown the difference between that and proper evidence and facts, scientific ones especially. They knew it is all a fraud even if they didn’t know what actually happened. They skipped the ‘how’ and wanted to know the who and why whilst badgering to get me to agree that it was ‘the illuminati’. I know you are not so much interested in that Judy, but just saying. I had to say ‘hey wait, hold up…lets go back and look at the science again, we haven’t covered the toasted cars, the energy question..where it came from etc’, some insisting its all about the ‘petro dollar’ and oil was ‘the motivation’ they said. They were surprised still that all 7 WTC buildings got destroyed and turned to dust – thinking it was ‘just the three’, using planes and thermite. A couple used the ‘collapse’ term, two young ladies, one in particular insisting that it looked like a collapse still as I showed her the pictures from WDTTG? I kicked myself later for not mentioning the lack of seismic recordings, the magnetometer readings on that occasion. But I did go into the incredulous illusions on TV, the Hollywoodisation, the apparent ‘buy in’ in the industry, the networked coverage and auto cued ‘newsreaders’ on message and on script at all times, the planes ….or rather questioning were there any real planes – and they get that even if they’re confused as to why people would go along with it all. That is where the trauma mind control, fear, professional peer pressure etc comes in which they find a little much to grasp. They are now at least aware of disinfo operatives and herding via so-called 9/11 truth movements hijacked by them.  Regardless of what group I was with what I wasn’t going to go into was the last piece of the jigsaw Andrew, even when several wanted to know the who and why I wouldn’t go there and not least because the younger they were I felt it was just too much, too harrowing and potentially disturbing for them to be told ‘well, actually those people being hi-energy microwave bombarded in those towers were being sacrificed in some sad sadistic ritualistic sacrifice, the releasing of their energy as they were tortured to death being key to what those illuminati saw as necessary to their own personal fulfilment‘?! No, wasn’t going to put that thought into their minds – even if I am confident now that is ultimately a significant driver and ‘payoff’ in 9/11 and likewise many other ‘disasters’ around the world now. The youths in Redruth were very appreciative of my having approached them and taking them through it as best I could even if it was limited coverage interspersed with constant interruptions from those initially in the group who were ‘anti being approached’ maybe, but eventually warmed and fully engaged. They were a great group as were the slightly less mature group in Newquay, they thanking me at the end and again wishing to shake my hand as the others did – which I think is rare for ‘awkward’ teens to do really I think. But very good meetings and thoroughly enjoyed by them and me they most importantly knowing far more than they even thought they did before walking into me. I politely asked all the youngsters to please pass on the flyers to their friends when they’d finished with them rather than binning them and they said they would, and most emphatically which I believed they would. Tintagel were briefer engagements but worthwhile. Same for Exeter where I met students in a large group outside the cathedral, one in the group was very interested, very keen – but there was resistance from two who ‘didn’t want to know about any more conspiracy theories’ …after having been told that I don’t do theories or opinion – just facts and evidence. One young lady in Exeter took offence that the police I’d met up to that point were not much if at all interested in what I had to say – because her father was a policeman. So she then sat in recalcitrant fashion, arms crossed, with an obstinate look on her face as I questioned then explained why the people jumped out of the buildings when there was not indication that the solid steel framed sold steel inner core steel meshed floored concrete buildings were in no apparent danger of ‘disappearing’ or ‘collapsing’. I wasn’t going to get into an argument who had better family police credentials seeing as telling her all mine would probably upset or annoy her all the more. She did take a flyer of yours for her police father tho’, Andrew – but can’t say where it ended up of course. Her friend had a much more open mind and I could see she was going to think a little more about it all. Fantasic meetings in Launceston, the old capital of Cornwall, 19 – 24 year olds, the guys being totally tuned in to WDTTG? and likewise wanted to jump to the ‘why and who’, but would only give them clues on the latter. Single young lady, 20, busy off to work, but stayed listening after friend departed after 60 seconds, for 20 minutes or so. So she was busy – and yet she stayed and looked at Judy’s book for 20 minutes before taking two flyers. Exeter police on the street, woman officer walked off after 5 minutes and I kept talking as she departed only for her to turn back round saying …’I can see you are very passionate about it, but…’. The male officer was a little more open and took a flyer, however it was a replay of the Superintendent Jane Derrick of Sussex police who’s reply was ‘Not my remit’ …go away, basically. BUT – Today as revisited Exeter on the way home I went to Devon and Cornwall Police HQ, drove through the security barrier, locked up and went into reception. The lady on the desk was dealing with an employee’s ‘parking permit’ just as I was about to report Murder, Fraud and Cover-Up…nothing like a leveller like that when you just don’t need it. My turn came and after pleasantries I asked to speak to a senior officer about just that; Murder, Fraud and Cover-Up. She picked up the phone and asked me to take a seat. A minute later she directed me out of the building to another one down the road, but then as I was leaving I was stopped by a security officer and asked to go back inside as CID were on their way. I waited inside for a couple of minutes and a flashing blue light appeared outside with a screech of tyres. I thought that it must be for something important, forgetting that maybe it was actually for me having of course been ignored by all police up to that point. Two officers came in and approached the desk – the desk officer pointed to me and they came across. I was interviewed informally for at least 45 minutes and it was clear that these to officers took this seriously.  Officers Laura Beal and Kevin Hill were not phased by what I had to tell them for the most part, particularly Laura – she was the younger, again – young and still open, not brainwashed into conformity or indeed police training to only look at what her training tells her to look for unlike the woman wpc the previous time in Exeter (officer 6732 who then crossed the road to check out a young man committing the horrendous crime of carrying a can of beer in the street…which I took a photo of for posterity). Beal and Hill were buying into the evidence of WDTTG? although I had to remind Hill a couple of times it was evidence, not theory. But they were there, I felt very much accepting of the outrageous facts I was telling them, not into career rank and status and clearly by their own admission scorned other officers who were, concurred that authority at the top are not stupid and some simply must be colluding if only by not questioning basic facts and evidence to the contrary of the official narratives on 9/11, not least those in your compendium, Judy. This meeting lasted a good 45 minutes which Laura did say it wasn’t that they didn’t have other things to be looking at – and they had ‘blue lighted me’ to get there to see me too?! But they thanked me for coming nevertheless, and asked me what I expected, was it ‘an investigation…or’? I said ultimately one day yes, but I was realistic in this situation and wanted them to have an awareness of it and that with their awareness of this evidence that they explore it further. Laura was very keen indeed although she couldn’t accept the book or DVD but noted to details and said it was a book she would like to read. The took the flyers, said they were both particularly interested in what I had to tell them, Hill wanting details on more information of websites which were on of course on the flyers. I thought that this meeting was as significant as the Redruth one, it went home and at least now I’m pretty sure someone in the police that I have contacted is quietly looking at it. I will follow up with the both of them and send the précis letter of facts and evidence I’d sent the Sussex Superintendent, they both would like to see what I’d sent her I think after asking if I’d informed any police officers before…why hadn’t I ? Wry smiles crossed their faces when I told them the story.  Campaign to Protect Rural England; article on the front page of the Cornish Herald Newspaper about new Windfarms proposed for Cornwall which CTRE objected to. I got CPRE Orlando Kimber’s contact number from the journalist who wrote the piece and directed him to your site, Andrew. An initial phone call from me had him going off on a weird tack and when I tried to stop him saying he’d got the wrong idea he suddenly said…’I don’t want any confrontation…..’?! Oh, I thought well neither do I, where did that come from. So before ringing off I mentioned it was just information I wished to furnish him with regarding energy fraud that he and CPRE might like to have in their back pocket for their next meeting in a couple of weeks. He rang the next morning but i could sense it was going to be a real struggle with him and over a mobile phone too, so I texted him back with your details. He replied thanking me. Regarding the kids in Cornwall, well I think they are amazing and wouldn’t be surprised if they carried it through further, maybe sent you a email. I think its the young ones who are going to expose all this, they have a real thirst and openness that is largely lacking in older people who are more conditioned by the system. Indeed, the ring leader with girl on arm in Redruth who wanted to shake my hand to thank me he spoke very wisely throughout, his words included ‘the truth will come out, it has to’ – and his manner and general demeanour, beyond his years and with an attitude way more than just curiosity – its youth you’ll make things go viral on the internet or other media mechanisms. So I appreciate, Judy, that despite all the email you certainly must get that I could just appear to be another Greg Jenkins to you and accept that – especially as too many seem to be out their trying to bash you, but if a kid from Redruth emails you I think it would be great to respond. Okay, that’s it for now. Attached is a pictures from Dartmoor (Devon) and Cornwall, on one of my day’s off. Kind Rgds Alan (Please excuse typos, syntax.. grammar errors…quite late and just wanted to get this off to you fresh from returning home).

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